Thursday, October 05, 2006

Why Men Don't Call Back After A Wonderful Date- Part 1

Why don’t men call women back after a "great" first date? Well, ladies and gentlemen, I feel as though I’m on to something new. During an afternoon meal (not quiet breakfast, not even brunch but I got my eat on) with a high school buddy of mine, I bumped into a couple of females who actually paid me, from time to time, for my dating advice back in high school.

One of the women looked me in the eyes, and instead of saying hi, she said, "This guy I was with last night never called me back. What the hell did I do wrong? It was a perfect date."

Unfortunately, I couldn’t answer her question on the spot. Instead I referred her to my posts on and advised her to pay close attention to the answers given. I told her my plans of interviewing four different men who have, in some way, shape, or form blew a "perfect" possible relationship due to avoiding the follow-up phone call. Each man will be different, and in turn will give different answers as well as scarily simular answers.

Below, I have posted the first interview:

The man I am interviewing does not want his actual name to be posted on the website for personal reasons. He chose the alias, Caring.

Guru Reporter- So, Caring, it’s great to finally have this interview with you. I know lots of women would like to know what a successful man like you would pass up on a future with a wonderful woman.

Caring Guy- What’s up, Tee. Sorry about the anonymity, but I have lady friends and colleagues who I’d rather not see this and know it’s me.

GR- I completely understand. My female (and some male) readers will enjoy this series a lot. Hold on… I have to turn the volume up on my microphone..

CG- (laughs)

GR- Okay, so let’s plunge into the interview.

CG- Let’s go for it.

GR- How many dates have you been on?

CG- Oh…

A rather long pause.

GR- Don’t want to answer that question? Don't worry, you’re anonymous.

CG- No, I was counting (laughs).

GR- (laughs) I’m sorry. Count away.

CG- I would say I’ve been on more than 50 dates.

GR- And out of those possible 50 dates, how many women have you called back?

CG- I’ve honestly only called about 20 of those females back.

GR- How was the very last date- in which you never called back- that you had?

CG- It was alright. She seemed like she was cool, except she was kinda’ stank.

GR- What do you mean she was "stank?"

CG- She seems really bourgeois.

GR- Out of all the women, what things caused you to not call them back, collectively?

CG- A lot of them moved too fast. They were almost talking about wedding dresses and churches to have the future ceremony in. I have to admit, it always scared the crap out of me.

GR- Out of those dates, why did you call the successful ones back?

CG- I called them back because they let me know that we were having a date. I felt as though they might not want to be with me in the next week, and I guess it made me more interested.

GR- So, it's sort of like a challenge? You needed something to work towards, correct?

CG- Something like that. I just wanted a girl who understood what I wanted and wanted the same thing for herself.

GR- And what was it that you wanted?

CG- I want a woman who is looking to start off as friends, or buddies. I want a woman who is not expecting a long term marriage after the first date. If I receive vibes that express that, then I wouldn't dare call her back!

GR- Do you think you've ever found that "ideal" woman and passed on her for one reason or another?

CG- I think all men have done this, by mistake, in their lives. I guess we just have to learn from them (mistakes) and make it better the next time around.

GR- Caring, thanks for having this interview with me.

CG- No problem. Let me know when you post the interview so i'll know what exactly what website to help my ladies avoid. (laughs)

I would like to thank Caring Guy for participating in this interview. He was a very good sport. I eagerly await the answers I'll receive from the other men. A new interview will be posted ever Wednesday.

*If you have any questions that are burning within you, a story to tell or advice to give, please e-mail me at I look forward to hearing from you. Your e-mail may be published on Love, Relationships and Life!


Anonymous said...

I think lots of women gone through this type of mess. A guy could get away with so much more than a girl can. It seem like they have way more privilages becuz they not as populated on this earth as women. But I cant wait to see what them other men say.

Poetiq Expression said...

I do believe that lots of men do get away with being promiscuous.

Terry J. snipes

Kelly Chase said...

That is so interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing what the other men have to say. Great idea and wonderful post!

Anonymous said...

Guys are so twisted, yet they say that women are complicated. WTF? Well, all guys are twisted except you, mr expression.

Anonymous said...

That's what makes guys so interesting. It perplexes me how we know so little about the opposite sex and lots of people think they know everything. And they try to analyze everything. Im like shut the hell up!