Thursday, October 26, 2006

Why Men Don't Call Back After A Wonderful Date- Part 4

We've approached the very last interview in this series. I apologize for the tension that surrounds this last interview. I do not like when people try and throw ass backwards psychology at me in order to justify something that only needs the truth said. If I ask you, "Did you drink my pop?" And you say, "Have you ever drank someone's juice because you didn't know it was theirs?" Then that leaves you open for whip lashes from my tongue. But I am very excited that the young man participated in this very last interview.

Below, I have posted the fourth and last interview:

Jason Jones is a 43 year old construction worker. I give him lots of thanks for taking the time out of his busy schedule to participate in this interview.

Guru Reporter- Hey, J.J.

Jason Jones- Hey, Terry.

GR- You are the very last interview that I am conducting on this subject. So, to a certain extent, you are the most important interview.

JJ- I wouldn't say all that. But we are going to have to speed things along.

GR- I understand. So why don't you call women back when you say you will?

JJ- You don't waste any time do you?

GR- We're losing time with you answering my questions with a question, homie. So why don't you just answer the question, please. (laugh)

JJ- Well, I don't call them because I don't like them. There is no other reason why I wouldn't call a girl back unless I didn't like her.

GR- Why tell them that you will call them back when you know you have no plans on calling them back?

JJ- I just tell them what they want to hear. Come on now, I'd hate to tell them that on the date and have them trippin' on me.

GR- That still doesn't explain why your ass lies. Why not be a man and just tell the truth?

JJ- What's the difference between truth and a lie?

GR- One isn't true.

JJ- Exactly. What's the difference between hiding the truth and a lie?

GR- There is no difference. It's the same thing.

JJ- Exactly. How many people do you know hide the truth? When a chick knows she wants to look for her future husband yet she lies and says she isn't looking for anything too serious, she lied. So why aren't we going crazy on those girls and saying that they lied?

GR- You can't fool me with that fake ass, backwards psychology. You lied and that's the whole damn point of this interview. You are on the stand right now. You are being judged, not females who feel like they have to reserve their feelings so a man wont run away.

JJ- You're taking their side! No! (laugh)

GR- It's not about sides, Jason. The whole point of the interview is asking why YOU don't call women back after you say you will. Meaning: why do you lie?

JJ- Well...

GR- Don't think of a lie! (laugh)

JJ- (laugh) Don't be actin' like you know me.

GR- When people show you who they are... believe them. You've showed me you're a lying, fake psychologist.

JJ- It's like that, Terry?

GR- It's however you think it is. I might be a kind guy, but I don't accept BS when it comes to my interviews. Don't think you can pull the wool over my eyes.

JJ- Okay. I do lie. It's only because I like to see a woman happy and all over me. When I leave at the end of the date I know good and damn well I wont be calling her ass back. But I like that I made her happy at least for a night.

GR- And little do you know you've made her life harder wondering if you'll call.

JJ- That's a woman's problem. Don't think too hard about it. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't happen, it doesn't.

GR- You do have a point there, sir.

JJ- You damn right.

GR- Thanks for participating in this interview. I'll let you get back to making your money.

I would like to thank Jason for participating in this interview. He was a very good sport. I must admit, I did kinda' tongue-lash him because he rushed our interview before it even started and then tried to use some twisted psychology on me. But I hope all of my readers and newcomers have learned a little from these interviews. Feel free to comment on the others if you'd like.

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You should interview me. I am almost an expert at what not to do.

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I wouldn't mind conducting an interview with you. I'll need a great topic. You're very opinionated. I love it!