Tuesday, March 14, 2006

About Me, Terry Snipes

Welcome to my blog Love, Relationships and Life. These are some of the most important things in my life. I take pride in being somewhat phylisophical and I know that I over think a lot of situations. So, I figure I’ve learned a lot over the years and I am constantly thinking of new things, why not share them with others and let them share their experiences with me?

My name is Terry J. Snipes. I am a 22 year old male from Ohio. Here is a picture of me below:

I started blogging because I wanted to spread a message of love, self importance and just my thoughts and opinions on lots of different subjects. My first blog was through Yahoo! Geocites. It was designed very catchy but it was nothing that said anything important. I guess it was just me telling people what I did throughout the week. Hey, if you liked it, keep reading, if not, leave the damn page!

When I started this blog about 5 months ago I wanted to have a blog and express myself and I found the wonderful adsense. It was something that made my head spin. I am not only driven by money, but the fact that I could get paid for going through all of these true life experiences and share them with the world was thrilling.

I have a girlfriend who I have been with for about 2 years now. She is the most constant relationship that I have ever been in (and I’ve been in a lot). I enjoy her thoughts, smile, company and insight on subjects that I would thing horribly on. I like the fact that she reads my blogs because she can always give me her (a woman’s) point of view on the subject. But for the most part, I know women and I speak from the heart. Somehow I always hit the nail right on the head.

I thank anyone for stopping by my blog and browsing through. It means a lot to me that someone can find out some new information or look at a subject from a different point of view. If you have any suggestion feel free to comment and I will most definelely get back to you on the subject. Thanx again and I hope you experience wonderful love, relationships and life!

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How's life after WritingUp?

Your 4th interview (with J.J.) was hilarious.