Thursday, March 30, 2006

Why Is Sex The Mecca Of America's content?

The question that presents itself today is: Does sex really matter? We all fight temptation everyday, trying not to be sinful children of God. But when sex comes with so much extra baggage, who would want to run after it so eagerly? Not only does sex come with emotional hang-ups, it also comes with venereal diseases as well. For men, I can say the thrill does not seem to amount to the orgasm that a woman receives. Our orgasm are like 10 seconds of eternal bliss. We word hard to get to that point, while females on the other hand like to take it slower (some females).Look at it like this: Men are like microwaves and women are like ovens. One heats up fast, you eat it and it's done. Women take longer to heat up, causing more anticipation for the result. Are you getting me, or am I sounding like a food critic (to some degree)?
When sex is so powerful that a man who is "in love" with his wife (and gentlemen, there is a difference between in-love and love for) would risk throwing it all away for 5 minutes (sometimes shorter) of ecstasy, there has to be a line drawn in the sand of American's thinking. Why is sex so powerful?

Why can Beyonce receive more video plays and radio play than India.Arie? Why is it always physical before emotional? I know I'm asking a boatload of questions, but damnit, this is annoying me.

I wouldn't say that sex is the last thing I think of (as a man, I must admit, sex does cross my mind a lot), but it most definitely is not the first thing I think about. And if my wife stood by me and was there to support my dreams, goals and physically satisfied me, why cheat? Humans are so weak...

On to other news. I started my diet today at 7:00AM. By 8:00Am I was ordering two number 8's from McDonalds (no, I'm serious, I did).

But to close this blog, we, as humans, should have more self control and fight temptation... Love, peace and empathy to all. Write, inspire, learn and build upon knowledge.

-Sometimes my message escapes people's minds. It's as silent as the k in knowledge.

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