Monday, February 26, 2007

Jennifer Hudson Grabs Oscar and Loves Every Minute of It


So Jennifer Hudson won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. I had to be one of the first to post on this wonderful issue. This proves that through passion and determination anyone can succeed.

The Dreamgirls diva thanked God twice, and she should have. Lord knows she worked hard to get where she is today.

Best known for her role as Effie White in the 2006 film version of the Broadway musical Dreamgirls, vocalist/actress Jennifer Hudson was first brought to the public's attention while a contestant on the third season of the reality show vocal competition American Idol. Born in 1981 in Chicago, IL, Hudson sang from a young age, first performing in her church. Various talent shows and school musical productions followed until she eventually secured a role in a local Chicago production of the musical Big River. Prior to auditioning for American Idol, Hudson also sang professionally while working on the Disney Wonder cruise ship.


Besides the usual bore of the Academy Awards, Ellen was extremely funny in her own special way. And those shadow people behind the screen was a real treat...

I was overly excited that Martin Scorsese won the oscar for Best Director, and The Departed won for the Best Picture! One of my favorite directors.

Until the next post, much LOVE, PEACE AND EMPATHY!

CONGRATS, JENNIFER!!!!!Dreamgirlshudson_1

Hooker Dates Jackass, Playa, and Liar!

When it comes to dating, this new generation likes to try out 2, 3, maybe even 4 individuals at one time. Almost like receiving a 30-day risk free trial run.


How can you get to know someone personally enough if you're dating more than one person? And if you do pick one person, is it fair to the individuals you've led on?


My friend, Hooker, decided she wanted to date Playa, Jackass, and Liar all at the same time. She went to places with each one:

Playa- Deutsch Island

Jackass- Hot Carl Restaurant

Liar- Pearl Necklace Jewelers

All three of these guys had skeletons in his closet.

-Playa had six girlfriends, f***ed lambs (as well as his cousin, Michael). He made over 60k a year from (drugs?) God knows what.

-Jackass had low self-esteem because his older brother, Pro Lawyer, was always praised by family and friends, yet he was looked down on because he had some stupid idea about making money online blogging (Google, Yahoo!, Myspace, Plenty of Fish, Darren Rowse, Steve Pavlina... the idea of making money online, yeah, right!).

-Liar told... Well,, this is self explanatory, huh? But Liar made 100k a year as a successful broker (TD.GAD.AY! was asked not to disclose this information).

So who did Hooker choose? Liar. Because se didn't get to know Jackass better, she couldn't find out that he's never cheated on any woman he's been with, he's not gay, a pedophiliac, and his online blogging community idea nets him about 50k every two months!

Instead, she found out that Liar's favorite book was that crap O.J. wrote about how he would kill his wife, he has a fisting porn fetish, and wants to try it out on her! Oh, and he cheated on her with the entire cast of Sex in the City... Literally every single member (crew and cast... that are gay and a woman).


Stick to one date, people. In the first week, date maybe 2 people at the same time, but don't let it go longer than that. With all the STDs spreading like crazy, it's best to keep it simple.

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Re: Opinion- "Leave Britney Alone"

Dear Trew,

I am so tired of hearing stories about Britney Spears. Everyone is making her seem like she is crazy, but maybe her heart is just broken. I read you blog daily and I expected more of you. Please, stop flashing her pain across the television and Internet. Just let her grieve.


Dear Anonymous

This is life, Sweetheart. I've had my soul burned and my heart spat on plenty of times. The news traveled around the job. I came to work in all black, head down and feeling like shit. People still continued to talk.

I also don't understand how you expect more from me. This website is about LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS and LIFE. That's what I write about. This mess with Britney... You guessed it. It encompasses all of those things I labeled in all caps above.

Chill out. I'm not posting anything that has not been posted on a million other websites by now. But for the sake of happiness, I won't post another blog about Britney Spears... for the next 24 hours!

-Trew Life

Britneys A Woman Scorned!

"Britney went to Kevin's house in the San Fernando Valley last night around 7 pm and rang the bell at his gate three times with no answer. She was so frustrated that when her assistant stopped the car, Britney grabbed an umbrella and went after our photographers," the paparazzi agency X17 said.

Can you see that damn picture above this post? Look at it for a moment. Okay, now look at this:
Who would have thought she would change so drastically. This proves that some child stars shouldn't have been stars in the first place. Is all of this in regards to love gone bad. In my previous post Britney Breaks Down Because of Love I threw the logic around that she went crazy from being dumped. And I know plenty females who do some while things where "let go" by a boyfriend or husband.

But there is a happy ending to this story Gadies and Lentlemen. When Britney rang at Kevin's, he was inside the damn house with the babies. He left thirty minutes later and headed to the couple's former Malibu's Serra Retreat where Britney was waiting.

Its said that she calmed herself down enough and perhaps made a deal with Kevin regarding Jayden and Sean because late last night, Britney went back to Promises rehab center. And then Kevin's emergency hearing today was cancelled.

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Drinking and Driving. Pointless Story or Entertainment?

The Post

A friend called me up last night, speech slurring and bubbles lightly floating out of his mouth. He was excited about what had happened to him just thirty minutes earlier.

Apparently he and his friends were joy riding while filthy drunk. They were stopped by a cop and, upon seeing that my friend was the drunk driver, asked my friend to get in the backseat. Then he turned to the passengers and asked, “I’ma need one of you boys to drive this baby home.”

I thought to myself, If the driver is drunk, the passengers are FUCKED UP as well.

I’m happy to say that my friend’s friend, Martyr ( real name protected so that real person doesn’t try and sue TD.GAD.AY for defamation of character) drove them all home safely… but not before almost running them into a pole (my friend’s exact words were, “He almost ran into a parked pole.” Now tell me if that sounds right), and running over an elderly woman who was jogging at midnight. WHAT ELDERLY WOMAN JOGS AT MIDNIGHT, AND IN THE INNER CITY?


If you’re going to drink and drive, make sure the designated driver only takes a sip. I’m a bad influence- make sure he doesn’t drink any. And if you all drink, make sure the driver is a good actor. He can pretend to be sober, and you guys could get away with it.

This post has been brought to you by TD.GAD.AY.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

If Sploggers Can Make Money So Can We!

When I found out how drastic the situation is with Splogs, I completely flipped my wig (went crazy!)! The amount of money they're bringing in is insane. The sad part about it is they're ruining the blogosphere, yet what they are doing is not illegal. And they're cashing in(!) on simple techniques.

Splog= Spam + Blog

Sploggers put up sites that are mainly for advertising purposes. What they'll do is put up a site similar to Hotmail called Of course HOMTAIL is not the same as HOTMAIL. They do this because people often misspell the word and end up putting in HOMTAIL. This, of course, is a rather open and adult site, as the title explains that. I'm sure when gets more popular, they'll be a splog online like: You notice what's missing? WRITINUP.COM instead of WRITINGUP.COM.

Three splogs made over $75,000.00 dollars between the months of August and October of 2005. These were just splogs! Can you image how much money is in the blogosphere? Well, if you've signed up for, you have a clue. This proves that blogging can bring in nice money. And depending on how good your blog is, it can make you rich almost over night.

I've done some research and found out why and how these websites make so much money. They have link pages that are on their website. They link to websites that have over thousands of links which puts them higher in the search engines. They also fill their splogs with keywords and garbage. A site might say:

Seek a feather, mercury sites, banged upsite the nozzle. Make shift gun powder, hairy seeing glasses...

And this type of stuff will go on and on. The key is that they fill this crap with high paying keywords. A person will go to this website and click on the many ads they have around the content and KA-CHING! The owner is making money.

They're website titles are also filled with keywords. In the upper lefthand corner you'll see:

Money-marriage-cars-clothes-phones-dating-acting-blogs and birds

From this title they will receive high rank with Google because the title suggests they have lots of content and info for readers. In reality, they don't!

Now, of course Google, Yahoo and MSN are trying to fix this problem. They are making where computers can't put out spam blogs for people to go to. I mean, if lots of people keep going to websites that have no good content and are only used for revenue, they'll stop googling or whatever else they do to reach these websites. This will be bad for the search engines and they'll loose people's interest.

You can, however make this type of money if you have these three things:

1. Good Content/Lots of Content

2. High Paying Keywords

3. Sufficient Number of Links to Your Blog/Website

This information, while discouraging to the positive bloggers and blog readers, is a plus for people who wish to make money online. Doing it the right way can ensure constant readers, which mean more visitors, more clicks and

KA-CHING! More money. Happy blogging!

Terry J. Snipes

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Terry is Back... And So Is TD.GAD.AY

Terry went on a far away trip, maybe to pilgrimage in Aruba or someplace, but its evident he was not around for a while. Oh yes, blogs were popping up occasionally by him, but he was lost in a bucket of common prose, and stranded on No Inspiration Road.

What is the difference from me now and me then? Nothing. Why the hell was I speaking in third person? Who gives a damn?

I want you all to be aware of TD.GAD.AY. This is almost an everyday repeatable affirmation that is to be sung while you bang your husband or wife. It is to be yelled across telephone lines and through cell phones to friends, boyfriends, girlfriends and family members.

If you don’t know what the acronym means, just click on the word TD.GAD.AY.

R&R: Relationship and Recipes- Avoiding the Cheese!

Don’t you hate to go to a club or bar and have the most unattractive man hitting on you? Okay, well, usually the man isn’t physically unattractive, but his lines are. So many times women get caught at a bar with a guy named Rich who’s breath smells like Vodka and he wrecks of some cheap smelling after-shave.

The thing that will make a woman the most uncomfortable is the fact that the guy’s lines are so damn corny. It’s like, if you want me to be interested then please act natural. The one exception I can see being made in this situation is when a man is mocking other men who do the cheesy line stuff. Then its okay to laugh and pay a little more attention. But then they are left in more of a worse position than the cheesy guy. Because while the cheesy guy is being honestly cheesy, the mocking guy could be just as cheesy and made fun of someone who he is 65% like anyway.

To avoid going through this type of torture always make sure that you spark up a small 1 minute conversation with the bartender and the guy next to you. Even if the guy is not your type, make sure that you let him know you just want to talk. This is a small way at keeping the timid cheesy guys at bay.

Next, if a guy sits next to you and you can read the signs of a cheese, still give them the benefit of the doubt. But once he turns to you and says the line... something like, “I like you. You’re just like me. When I R.S.V.P. to a party, I make it my job to cum,” and smiles, then you know it’s time to cross one leg over the other, making sure your buttocks is facing him but not giving him too much to make him think you want him to cop a feel.

If this technique does not work and he continues to spit the awful lines at you, just politely touch the guy’s shoulder who you were initially talking to. Once you do this, the guy will be away from you in 2.5 seconds.

And we all know that if this doesn’t work it’s best to grab your purse and get the hell out of dodge. I normally wouldn’t suggest that anyone stop having a good time because of a nuisance. But the questions is: would you keep running in a park if you heard gunshots? No, you’d get the hell out of the way and say, “I’ll jog another time.” Same thought process here.

Below I have listed a recipe for- you guessed it- Cheese Ham Strata. Until the next time I post, watch out for the “cheese.”

Cheese Ham Strata

8 slices white bread
2 c. cheddar cheese, grated
3 c. buttermilk
4 eggs, beaten2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
3/4 tsp dry mustard
½ teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon pepper
½ c. sliced ham, chopped

Alternate buttered layers of bread, cheese, and ham in a greased baking dish, ending with cheese on top. Mix remaining ingredients and pour over layers. Allow to stand one hour in refrigerator. Bake at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for 50 to 60 minutes or until golden brown on top. Cut into squares and serve.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Britney Breaks Down Because of Love

Britney Spears has become a fixture on the nightclub circuit since her split in November from her then husband, Kevin Federline, a former backup dancer.

We all know about her cutting session, and we'll sympathize with her and say she's gotten a makeover (yeah... Makeover). But we all know it seems as if she'd having a nervous breakdown.

In case you didn't hear about the head shaving incident- if you have and never want to hear about it again, no problem just skip on to the next blog entry. I have more topics to browse through- here it is:

Spears' G.I. Jane-like Friday night began in the salon of Esther Tognozzi, who told the T.V. gossip show "Extra" that the beautician was afraid to shave Spears' head in case she was sued for ruining the singer's image.

After Tognozzi protested that Spears was maybe being "hormonal" and would feel differently the next day, Spears coolly "grabbed the buzzer and started shaving her own hair off. ... I just cleaned it up when she was done with it," she said.

Did her divorce has something to do with these wild antics? The transformation came on the same day People magazine and other entertainment media reported that Spears recently entered a rehabilitation center in the Caribbean island of Antigua and checked out a day later. But, as usual, the reports were denied by Spears' representatives.

It's amazing to see an individual mentally breakdown from love gone bad. Though I've never known anyone personally who shaved off their hair when they've been DUMPED, I've seen some crazy reactive actions from people.

And don't bother trying to go to the singer's website, it's closed down for the moment. Hopefully it's receiving a makeover like the former mouseketeer.

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Dating Websites

I have been seeing so many dating websites popping up over the Internet, and I can't believe at one time I wanted one. It seems so damn hard to climb to the top of ALL the dating websites out there like, American Singles, and eHarmony. And even though Myspace is a friend/networking website, it acts like a dating website as well. This conglomerate is hard to go head up with- not that I'd try.

If I were going to start a dating/networking website, what would you like it to have?

Monday, February 19, 2007

DL Midget Pumpers and Carpet Feasters

Below is an interesting subject I made about DL guys having sex with midgets and women who like to lick- no, not lick. FEAST! Women who like to feast on other women's carpet. It's so silly, I can't believe I recorded this podcast. Check it out.

Gabcast! Poetic #0 - DL Midget Pumpers and Carpet Feasters

A crazy rant about nothing in particular

Re: I cant take this

Dear Trew,

I have been very depressed lately. Some times I feel like just killing myself. I know I shouldn't think like this, but times seem so hard. I just lost my job, my boyfriend of six months has completely stopped calling me, and I feel things are over. I'm trying to hold out but I dont think I can. Why does it hurt so bad?


Dear Lonely,

It hurts so bad because it's LIFE! That is what life is: PAIN. Get use to it. We were not put on this earth to live overly comfortable lives. Even people with lots of money have to worry about family members and friends with emotional problems that drive them crazy.

Hell, look at Anna Nichole, for instance.

Life is not going to always be fun and games. Its best to live through the hard times so that you can help someone else who's going through the same thing by letting them know you made it.

I went through having my car break down, get fired, and separated from the female I was living with. On top of that, one of my best friends died. It was hard to wake up in the morning, but I never thought about giving up. I didn't because I knew I could help someone like you in the future.

Keep your head up and send me a message to so that we can exchange numbers and I can chat with you. If things are really dragging you down, please seek a psychologist or a psychiatrist to help you get through.

Trew Life

Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls gives love!

Daddy's Little Girls, by Tyler Perry, was pretty decent. Of course, I probably wouldn't spend $9.50 to watch the movie again, I would most definitely buy it on DVD.

Tyler Perry is flexing his movie making muscles more and more, or he's trying to, at least. I suppose it's not all together easy to transfer from stage production to screen productions, but he's working it out.

Now you may ask, what does Daddy's Little Girls have to do with love? Tyler Perry delivers a likable odd-couple romance between the lead characters Julia- a hotshot Atlanta lawyer- and Monty- the nice guy mechanic- played by Idris Elba and Gabrielle Union.

They meet when he takes a part-time job as her driver. The tension begins when he starts humming and playing the radio. Before she has a chance to fire him, a cell phone sends him dashing to the hospital to find out what happened to his kids. She has to come along for the ride.

But its not the love between the two leads thats so astounding. Its the love between the father and his three daughters that make the movie so endearing.

With so many African American men dubbed as low-lifes, uneducated, and far from motivated to do anything with themselves, this movie is a refreshing look into responsibility because of love and not obligation.

The story has a pretty good plot. It would have been a better plot for a stage production, but this works on the silver screen. Check this out and let me know what you think by leaving a comment.
Little Girls

Did you enjoy this movie?

Clown Faces Are... Scary

Why don't aliens eat clowns? Because they taste funny.

So why would a guy kiss a woman who also has six tons of makeup piled on her face, and not laugh or take her less seriously?

Women, some of you really need to lay off the pounds and pounds of the stuff. Some of you pile it on so thick that it looks ridiculous. Clown faces on wanna-be Jessica Rabbit bodies.

Most of you are beautiful (by Hollywood and model standards) without all that stuff. I say most, because some women do need to wear some makeup, especially if they're in the entertainment business.

I know, I know, you say, "Trew, you don't know how it is looking pretty in the mourning time..." I meant to say morning time.

The answer is: yes-the-hell-I-do. I went to a performing arts high school and graduated to delve heavily into the music and acting world. And let me tell you: IMAGE IS EVERYTHING! I went through terrible years of bad acne problems. This means scaring, uneven skin tone, and irritation beyond belief.

Because I'm a man, I can't wear makeup, and if it was okay, I probably wouldn't like to wear it anyway. But when I had to do a commercial or a poster for the play I'd be in, I had to put on the makeup, and let me tell you, it make my skin feel worse.

Try getting a mineral based makeup that works with your skin and doesn't seem like your face has been drawn on. Trust me, men like the natural a hell of a lot better.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Re: We have no time

Dear Trew,

When it comes to me and my husband he’s always off on the road for business and I am trying to start a home business. The children are always at school, with their friends or at after school functions. It seems like I don’t know my family any more. What can I do to help change this?

Kelly D.

Dear Kelly,

Now, Kelly, how do you expect to have a relationship without interaction? In case you didn’t realize, that was a rhetorical question. It can’t be done. This is one of the reasons why most of those celebrity marriages fail: they have no time to devote to one another.

Just the same as you making sure you don’t spend too much time away from you spouse, you also don’t want to be up under them 24/7. I would personally be like, “Chick, take a break, a nap, or something, please!” Yes, we are bonded by marriage (supposedly), but that doesn’t mean that you’ve got to be Siamese twins.

Set up a routine with one another so that you schedule events around your intermediate family, and not work. When it comes down to work or family, which one is more important? If you businesses fail, family will be there. If your family suffers, your business will to, trust me.

Write me back and let me know what you come up with, and thanks for sending in the question.

-Trew Life

Wanna Know: Guys are slobs

I’m surprised that someone e-mailed me a Wanna Know rant already. I just launched the reader-active series yesterday. Most of my advice entries where sent from my other website and had been sitting for weeks. So here is the first Wanna Know Rant by Karol Stevens:

“Guys are such slobs. I don’t know why they expect so much from females when they walk around like their beer-belly asses don’t stink. A guy I was with about a week ago had the damn nerve to ask me to pay more attention to the stubble near my knee. Near my knee! Who the fuck cares? And if I wanted to be overly critical like his ass I could have told him to shave off half of his back hair. I love guys, but sometimes they make me sick. Sick Sick sick.”

Agree or

Do you agree with this rant? If yay or nay, we wanna

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Re: Im a living atm machine

Dear Trew,

My girlfriend thinks I’m made of money. I’m in college and I work hard for the money I earn and I don’t want to give it all away to a chick just because she likes me. I want to break things off. How can I do it and not hurt her feelings?


Dear Joseph,

Myth: You can just ignore her phone calls and things will get a lot easier. She might even forget about everything and move on.

Truth: You are going to hurt her feelings if her heart is involved. If she’s a money hungry, gold-digging woman like you claim, then she won’t give a damn if you stay or go. She’ll find someone with money and be happy.

What we need to learn how to do is communicate. Have you tried telling this girl how you feel? Have you tried letting her know that you are not an ATM machine? If she still desires money, tell her that every time you want sex you’ll swipe a credit card down the crack of her ass symbolizing she’s been bought. Then see if she still just wants money.

-Trew Life

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Re: me or the dog!

Dear Trew,

When me and my boyfriend are having sex he lets the dog stay in the bedroom with us. I’ve told him I’m not comfortable with it and yet the damn dog ends up in the room again. What more can I do? Tell him its either the dog or me?


Dear K.K.

What the hell do you mean? You tell him it’s either dog or pooh-pooh! I would feel pretty damn bad if I had to give my partner an ultimatum of me or a dog. He should be choosing you, end of story.

On the flip-side, he’s a man. Men don’t think too hard about things of that nature. While it takes women lots of time, correct environment, and stimulation to get the excited, men can go in a garbage dump. Talk to him again. I’m sure he doesn’t prefer the dog in the room. And if he has to choose, you should be leaving.

-Trew Life

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Re: My boyfriends dad feels me up

Dear Trew,

My boyfriend’s father always gives me nasty looks, and he feels me up when he hugs me. I don’t want to cuss his ass out in front of his son, but I’m afraid Lucas will think I’m lying and choose his father over me. He worships the ground his father walks on.


Dear Tina,

Quite the predicament you’re in, huh? You must ask yourself, which one is more important: Your respect or your boyfriend? If you’ve never given him a reason to think you’re lying, and you confront him, he should take into consideration how you feel. If he can’t trust your word, do you really think that is someone who is going to have your best interest at heart? The only way to know is to tell him. Good luck, and follow-up telling me how things go.

-Trew Life

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Re: I deamt she was dead

Mr. Life,

I had a dream that I killed my girlfriend. What does it mean?


Dear Mentally Confused,

Though my background is in psychology, you may need a psychiatrist. Are there some deep rooted issues that you have? What has she done to you for you to dream of killing her? Try speaking with her about this issue. You might scare her off, but she might- in turn- help you seek help in finding out where the dream came from.

-Trew Life

Britney Wants Justin Back. WTF!

Here comes the subject of Britney Spears... again. What the hell is going on with HER!?

After screwing things up the first time, she went off and did her thing while Justin was with Cameron Diaz. He has been romantically linked to Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Biel as well. In this time the pop celebrity dated Isaac Cohen apparently in attempt to make Justin jealous.

Apparently Britney has been trying to call Justin Timberlake, TMZ sources revealed that Justin is not interested in being with Britney again. And can you blame him?

What a year Ms. Spears has been having so far. First the head shaving thing, and now she's running back to Justin for a "second chance." And if she was his first love, and Cameron Diaz is out of the picture, I think he might give it a chance. What do you think?