Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Terry is Back... And So Is TD.GAD.AY

Terry went on a far away trip, maybe to pilgrimage in Aruba or someplace, but its evident he was not around for a while. Oh yes, blogs were popping up occasionally by him, but he was lost in a bucket of common prose, and stranded on No Inspiration Road.

What is the difference from me now and me then? Nothing. Why the hell was I speaking in third person? Who gives a damn?

I want you all to be aware of TD.GAD.AY. This is almost an everyday repeatable affirmation that is to be sung while you bang your husband or wife. It is to be yelled across telephone lines and through cell phones to friends, boyfriends, girlfriends and family members.

If you don’t know what the acronym means, just click on the word TD.GAD.AY.

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