Friday, February 02, 2007

Re: me or the dog!

Dear Trew,

When me and my boyfriend are having sex he lets the dog stay in the bedroom with us. I’ve told him I’m not comfortable with it and yet the damn dog ends up in the room again. What more can I do? Tell him its either the dog or me?


Dear K.K.

What the hell do you mean? You tell him it’s either dog or pooh-pooh! I would feel pretty damn bad if I had to give my partner an ultimatum of me or a dog. He should be choosing you, end of story.

On the flip-side, he’s a man. Men don’t think too hard about things of that nature. While it takes women lots of time, correct environment, and stimulation to get the excited, men can go in a garbage dump. Talk to him again. I’m sure he doesn’t prefer the dog in the room. And if he has to choose, you should be leaving.

-Trew Life

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I would choose the dog. lol. Really, shes making such a big deal over nothing. Just open your damn mouth and say something about it. End of story.