Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Relax After Work with Installment Loans

Stress Builds Up

A few years back, I needed to pay off a traffic ticket in the amount of $175 (plus court fees) and installment loans sure helped relieve some of the stress. Actually, those are two things that seem to go hand in hand: stress and life. But there are most certainly ways to overcome the stress, started from even your punch-out from work.

Leave the Residue at Work

It’s a good thing to take a couple minutes and relax before going home. Plenty of people would say, “Thierry, after work I’m ready to go home and not stay a moment longer.” I understand this logic, of course, but it’s a good thing to stay an extra five minutes in order to clear your mind rather than spending hours and hours at home with the same negative stress and worry you left work with.

While you sit down (at work) and take a few deep breaths, you’ll start to relax; If you’re not sure how to take a deep breath, check out my article Meditation & Payday Loans Change Things, you’ll receive greater benefits from this article.

Home Travel Affirmations

There are a few things that can aid you in shedding the stress, worry, and tension while even driving home from work. As you ride, turn down your radio, try to hang on to the serene feeling you received from the meditation you performed before leaving work, and recite one of these 4 affirmations that stand out to you the most:

· My mind is cleared and I feel fresh and rejuvenated.

· I have energy and passion for life. I feel free and comfortable to live my

· I am floating higher and higher, filled with joy. I am happy.

· I have left work at my job; it is not with me now.

These are but a tiny few affirmations you can state as you drive home, or you can make up your own, which isn’t a bad idea. Self made affirmations are personal and in turn just as effective to your daily success as emergency installment loans.

Clean It Up

When we get home, instinctively we like to relax and not worry about anything. I hate to break the news to you, but in order to have an even more relaxed evening from work you must do a little cleaning.

With the exception of parents with toddlers, it’s nice to do a little cleaning before you completely unwind. A night spend in a comfortable and clean environment will be more relaxing than a night surrounded by stale air, crumbs on the carpet, and fingerprints or streaks on the television screen. This doesn’t mean that you have to move furniture and bend over backwards to get things “clean.” Just tidy up your environment enough that you feel safe, secure, and fresh.

Eat It Up

Surprisingly, I’m not talking about food in the paragraph header. I’m talking about your day. Taking some time to reflect on everything that happened in the day is great. Now that you are relaxed and comfortable, you can better judge the progress of your day in an optimistic manner, as opposed to a pessimistic attitude.

Did your boss say something to you that made you angry? Where you a little jealous because a co-worker of yours received the promotion you’d been working hard for weeks to get? These are all work related situations to ponder and think about while you’re at home, even before hoping into the bath or shower and getting something to eat. Don’t spend too much time on this area.

Did you know…?

Scientists state that the best time to remember information is directly before sleep. The brain sifts through daily information, thoughts, sights, sounds, and smells, keeping what it deems important and throwing out what’s thought of as frivolous. College students are actually encouraged to have “cram sessions” directly before going to bed, this way they retain the information longer after REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.

Road to Peaceful Slumber

Now that you are relaxed, take a nice hot shower or bath, eat a little something (nothing too heavy), and spend the rest of the night enjoying yourself. Put your favorite movie in the DVD player, pop your favorite meal in the oven or microwave and surround yourself in as much pleasure as you can. Invite your beau over and enjoy the company, this will help you sleep better and longer with uninterrupted peace, kind of like how installment loans make you feel after stressing out over any debt.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Personal Loans & Relief with Goat’s Milk

Goat’s and Sheep’s Milk; Yum, Yum!

Personal loans can get me up and running and so can 2% milk. I read an article a few days ago by Leon Moss, another writer on Personal Money Store’s blog. His article, It’s sheep’s milk cheese that gets my blood flowing inspired me to consider my milk intake very carefully. It seems like I run to any available bathroom just a few hours after drinking milk, and it could be just a small amount from my breakfast cereal.

I often tell myself that I’ll slack off drinking as much milk, but before I know it, I’m drinking a glass of warm milk, pouring too much milk in my mashed potatoes, or dribbling just a tad of 2% milk into my soups. Alas, this doesn’t seem as grueling to my stomach when I first drink it. However, a few hours later and my stomach is moaning and groaning something awful.

A Trip to the Library

It was on a nice and sunny day that I decided to go to the library with a couple of friends, CJ, Patrick, and DF (Doll Face). CJ and DF had reports they needed to write up for school and Patrick and I joined along for moral distractions… or, ahem, support.

We’re not considered the quietest bunch when we’re all together. From one of my friends making farting noises with his armpit to the other singing the Star Spangled Banner like they’re filthy drunk, we keep the excitement and entertainment flowing around us. Librarians see us coming and place signs on the available computers and check-out desks saying, “Shut Up!” or “Remain quiet as a mouse… or we’ll squash you like one!” I believe the signs are a tad aggressive, and when I asked the librarians about it, they told me the signs were advertisements for a new movie coming to theaters. I thought to myself, the movie industry is getting a little lax with the movie titles now-a-days.


With all of the noise my friends make, I was sure that I could eat a bowl of cereal before meeting them at the library. If I did have gas and needed to let one rip, they wouldn’t hear it. And sure enough, not too long after drinking the last drop of milk in my bowl (2 hours earlier) my stomach began to tumble and rumble. There was only one dilemma with today’s scenario: my friends were quiet as church mice.

Something had shifted in the atmosphere. The librarians were actually smiling at us when we walked past their desks to use the restrooms. The security officers waved at us, instead of the usual flicking us off that they do. Oh, and my stomach felt as if it would pop or explode. I had to let a couple sounds out of me, and I wasn’t sure that my friends, or the friendly employees of the public library, wanted to hear it.

“Thierry,” CJ said to me, “You look like you’re in pain. Is everything okay,” she asked.

“Oh, yeah,” I responded, lips puckered as if I were sucking on a sour candy. I was dancing around ever so softly, knees joined together and my stomach muscles were clenched tightly.

The Need for Personal Loans

I was sure that the library would need to get personal loans to fumigate the area after the damage I’d cause. I didn’t know whether I should have worn a diaper or just left for home. I kept thinking of how embarrassed I’d be if I passed gas out in the open of the library, or worse, if I had an accident.

“They might need a few personal loans,” I told my friends. They asked me what I was talking about, never noticing the pained expression on my face or the way my body was doubled over in pain. “They might be able to use them (personal loans) to invest in an outrageous air-freshening campaign.” At that moment I let my secret escape my body, embarrassment now a thing of the past. Conversely, I couldn’t help remembering Leon Moss’ article on goat’s milk, and making a promise to myself: I’ll never drink 2% milk again!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Have YOU Considered Debt Consolidation?

I don’t mind…

I don’t mind discussing debt consolidation with random strangers. They often look at me, fear in their eyes as they clutch their purse or exchange their wallet from one pocket to a more secure one. There’s no shame in my game as I wait in line at my bank, rocking ever-so slightly on my heels, my hands clutched behind my back.

“Say,” I remember asking a woman in front of me one day. “Are you swimming in bills to your forehead?”

This is about the time that the bank’s security officer politely walked up to me and asked me to shut up. Though I am a friendly person by nature, I decided to stop harassing the customers and get what I needed before I ended up escorted out by the police.

A Trip to Recognition

After leaving the bank, money in hand and a song in my heart, I decided to do a little grocery shopping. The people in the store give me polite smiles, yet most of the store’s staff avoids eye contact with me. I’m accustomed to it. They’re aware of my debt consolidation speech and avoid any contact with me whatsoever.

Low and behold, my eyes always spot a newcomer, a fresh face in the handful of store employees who aren’t ditching and dodging me. Playing it really cool, I walked up to the diaper section, where he’s stocking packs of diapers. I cleared my throat, fondle a few packs of pampers, and turned to the innocent, defenseless man.

Have you considered…?

“Is the IRS making you cry like a baby? Well maybe you should consider debt consolidation-” I started to give the fresh employee my spiel, but a wise and quick veteran employee just snatched the prey from grasp.

“Never speak to him. He’ll talk you into a stroke!” the veteran said, hauling my catch away. But it’s okay, because I see a pregnant woman casually snipping grapes from a bag and tasting them.
They Usually Slip Away

“Hello, congratulations on the newborn,” I said, eager to make a new friend, plus a commission sell. She turned to me, a warm smile on her face as she nodded her head. I found it rather strange that her cart only had a box of saltine crackers, avian water, and a bag of marshmallows in it.

“Are these diapers frightening you?” I lifted a pack of pampers, smiling like a cheesy commercial actor. She frowned, stepped away from me a little.

WOMAN: What?

THIERRY: The cost of pampers. This pack costs $5.84. If your finances aren’t in order, you might want to consider debt consolidation.

WOMAN: Oh, god!

THIERRY: What? I’m sorry…

WOMAN: I heard about you… Kids run!

Her three other children practically popped out of thin air and started racing down the isle. She scurried off behind them, a polite apology on her face. I felt a little out of place. Had my approach become dangerously obnoxious? I just felt as though the best way to network a helping hand was to speak about it.

Checkout Time

I walked to the checkout line, smiled at the cashier, and she smiled back at me. She looked friendly, open, around my age, and attractive. I stepped up to the cash register and placed my items on the belt.


THIERRY: How has your day been?

CASHIER: Okay. You?

She continuously swipes items, and that beeping sound drones on without haste.

THIERRY: Are they hiring here?

The beeping stops and she looks at me, the smile fading into stern contempt.

CASHIER: My credit is great, I own a home, a car, I’m married, and I’ve already invested in debt consolidation. Your total is $45.00 even.”

Support A Dream: With or Without Payday Loans

I prefer advance payday loans over “dream killers”…

I am as fond of advance payday loans as I am of morning walks in the park. I’m fond on eating a bowl of cereal for dinner and enjoying every bite of it. I’m even fond of saying hello to individuals I pass in the park, even if they don’t say hi back to me. But I am not very affectionate for dream killers.

Oh, you know the type where everything has to be so logical that the only logic remaining is his/hers; the type that sticks their nose in other people’s affairs solely to give an “educated opinion” on the matter.

The Incident

I was having one of my usual walks in the park when I saw a close friend of mine. We’ll call her CJ. She was walking with a man I’d never seen before. He was her type as well, tall, tanned, and dressed from neck to toes in Abercrombie and Fitch attire. And when she introduced me to him, I discovered that his personality didn’t seem the mesh well with her average boyfriends.

“I’m an artist, dud,” he said to me.

“You meant to say, dude, right?” I asked.

“Nope,” went his quick response.

I decided to brush his attitude off my shoulders and I asked him what type of artist he was. He looked at me and then at CJ like she was nuts for not sharing the information with me ahead of time, and then he said, “I am a brilliant writer! Have you ever heard of Stephen King?” he asked me.

“Yes,” I said.

“Garbage! How about Dean Koontz?”

“Yeah,” I said.


I was beginning to get fed up with his attitude, but then CJ said something that made his outrageous characteristics seem justifiable, at least to some Twilight Zone degree.

CJ’s Comment:

“Oh, my gosh, David! Can’t you turn off the computer and pick up a full-time job?!”

My Two Cents

I was completely floored that she encouraged him to stop working on his dream; especially since she has dreams of working as a DP for movies someday (she’s even taking classes for it). Fortunately for CJ, she found a wonderful job on campus doing what she loves, DP and photography work. What about David? There are places such as Personal Money Store that offer writers an advance payday loan or a chance to make some extra money from pay-per-post article submissions, but other than that, she has to continue pushing his work in order to succeed.


I politely told David that I believe he’ll succeed. He spat a glob of mucus over his shoulder, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, smiled and said, “Thanks, dud.” I then shared with him some of my favorite writers, all of whom he felt were no-talents. But when I mentioned a couple authors from Shakespearean days, he lit up more than receiving emergency payday loans on Christmas morning. I hope I inspired him, and I hope his girlfriend, my friend CJ learned something: If you can’t build a person’s character, you should leave them alone. I think that was well put, straight without a chaser.
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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Credit Cards: We're Still Lovin' 'Em

Last year, incomes were at record lows and unemployment rates were at all time highs. However, the big question is: how did consumers manage to pay down their credit-card debt just in the last year? Because credit-card debt dropped significantly last year, a new MoneyNews article suggested that Americans aren’t giving up their love for credit-cards any time soon. And get this, the meat of the decrease resulted from charge-offs and not from payments. Once debt is 180 days past the due date, Banks and credit-card companies will most likely charge-off debts. The Federal Reserve doesn’t separate debt payments from charge-offs when reporting national figures of credit-card debt reduction. According to online sources (CardHub.com) who analyzed and studied a survey, the lion’s share of the $92.3 billion drop in card balances was due to lenders that charged off a record-breaking $82.37 billion of credit-card debt last year.

Lender charge-offs are main reason for debt reduction

As of January 2010, according to government reports, credit-card balances have been declining for 15 consecutive months. Referring back to the CardHub.com survey, 2009’s first quarter was the main time during the 15 month time-span when consumers actually paid their credit card balances down. Believe it or not, the consumers paid down their card balances by 45.8 billion, with lenders charging off a added $17.95 billion. Preceding the initial quarter of 2009, world-wide card balances either remained the same of increased.

Credit-card debt is paid down, but not quite down yet

Continuing with the CardHub.com survey, they suggested that the record-braking lender charge-offs for the past several months was evidence that the financial pressure face by many Americans is too palpable to ignore. Consumers have not been paying down their credit-card debt after all. In the third quarter of 2009, credit-card debt charge-offs were a record high of 10.1 percent. In the last quarter, the rate was somewhere lower, and the situation is predicted to become much worse. MoneyNews states that Moody’s Investor Service predicts the charge-off rate will climb to 12% in 2010. Conversely, in the fourth quarter of 2006, just a year before the country’s economic misfortune, the charge-off rate was a small 4%. Does anyone want to time travel now?

Not a Big Surprise

The underemployed and unemployed Americans are still financial “busted” and leaning on the aide of credit cards and emergency cash loans for assistance. And with an added ripple effect in the pond of this recession being due to increased charge-offs by lenders, there’s no wonder the financial stress hasn’t let up yet… Well, isn’t it?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Your Personal Loan can Yield a Low-Interest Rate

When getting a mortgage, or any type of personal loan, the advantages that you receive are greater compared to the other options people who need a loan are subjected to. Why? Because they offer lower interest rates with longer payment terms. While it can be difficult to qualify for a low-interest personal loan, because it’s not a guarantee that you’ll qualify and any bad credit you might have will likely get you rejected.

Your greatest solution to fast cash is a personal loan

Personal loans are usually cheaper than other types, and they could require collateral, which is also required with a secured loan. When any payments are missed, collateral can be taken out at any time. However, a person who maintains a clean financial record, and tries to clean up the messy ones they have, they could enjoy low interest rates by following the loan’s requirements. At any rate, the chances of an individual getting this type of loan depends on the trust between both the borrower and the lender. No collateral personal loans, or unsecured loans, are less stressful, but on the flip side, require that you stick to more strict guidelines, such as a shorter repayment term and a higher interest rate.

It’s a Give and Take: Getting a good low-interest personal loan

Payday loans, which provide a greater acceptance rate, are nothing like low-interest personal loans that require you prove you are able to pay back the money you borrow on time. Don’t be surprised if they look into your credit and employment history, calculating all of any prior loans that you have gotten with the lending company. For example, if you are currently paying off a loan, then they (the potential lender) will make sure that you have met all of your payments on time and in full. It’s a good idea to do business with a bank or even credit union that you have worked with in the past, as long as you hold a decent track record with them.

While loans for individuals with bad credit may be more difficult to come by, a personal loan is still available. The only difficulty is that you will not benefit well from low interest rates. This means that regardless to whether you need to borrow money for bills or school, or you just want fast cash, all bases are covered. Also, taking in and practicing wise money management skills is a good idea. When taking out a low-interest personal loan, the key to your success is following your shopping habits and making all of your payments in a timely manner.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When Will We Ascend?

There comes a time when a person needs to be quick to listen and slow to speak. We don’t realize just how affected our spirits are when we spread poison from our mouths.

Why do people feel the need to talk about things, and they don’t even know all of the angles? If we can pull ourselves away from the self and start thinking about the feelings of others, instead of what they think about us, we would be okay. This would be a not-so-bad country, in my opinion. However, we do have the strong bonding chains of individualism holding us to the ground. When will we ever ascend, maybe not reaching the firmament, but at least the clouds….?