Monday, July 31, 2006

Sacrament of Love

With words stagnated by the earths vibrations
I try and find a comfort zone in you

With blues sung in tones of sapphire, azure and lazuline I feel alone only when Im not mentally in you

Physically, I melt with you and watch you fall on me like snow on Christmas morning

Caging my feelings deep within a feminine embrace that you clutch me softly in

Youre a genuine heroine thats been beside me for years... Were like siamese twins, learning how to function together.

This is sacrament of love.

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Monday, July 24, 2006

S.E.X.: The Easy Cures for Male Infertility


I figured that I would talk about some easy cures for male infertility. First, I would like to let you know that male fertility problems results from inferior production, quality, and movement of sperm. Some factors to take into account...

Age: Sperm production drops sharply after age 30.

Alcohol: Too much lowers the production of the male hormone testosterone.

Caffeine: Coffee and medications with caffeine appears to make sperm sluggish.

Cimetidine: Prescribed to treat ulcers, it decreases testosterone levels.

Clothing: Tight trousers of underwear can overheat sperm-producing cells in testicles, which lowers sperm count.

Diethyistilbestrol: A drug used during the 1950s to prevent miscarriage. It has been found to cause fertility trouble in men whose mothers used it.

Hot Tubs: Frequent use can lower sperm count by overheating sperm-producing cells.

Infection: All sexually transmitted diseases can have an adverse effect on fertility.

Also, a partner’s vaginal douches, lubricants, and sprays can immobilize sperm.

Recreational drugs: Marijuana and other dugs may decrease testosterone levels.

Smoking: Lowers sperm count and slows sperm mobility.

Hope this helps out. Until the next post, much love peace and empathy.

Terry J. Snipes

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

How To Exercise Your Love Muscles and Have Better Sex


I don’t always write about the sex issue, but I will in regards to love, relationships and life. I will post a series of blog entries directed toward the subject of sex. Enjoy the first post:

I decided my first post on this subject would be how to exercise your love muscles and have better sex. The Kegel exercise, which strengthens the pubococcygeal muscle-the muscle responsible for controlling urination- can enhance your love life.


It can prevent premature ejaculation in men and allow them to make love longer...and help women experience better orgasms.

How to perform the exercise:

For 10 minutes each morning and evening, contract this muscles as if you were holding back the blow of urine. Do 36 contractions at a time and rest a couple of minutes before beginning again. For best results, practice this exercise for several weeks.
I hope this information is helpful to you. If you have any suggestions please feel free to leave a comment or send me a private message. Good luck!

Terry J. Snipes

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Importance of A Friend

How close do you think you are to your loved ones? Really think about the question for a moment. An occasional high and bye, or moments of bonding? I always ask myself this question because when it seems like everything is totally cool in my life, there is one someone who needs a little more of me. Now, I’m not saying that I just have to spread myself among so many people, but I like my friends and family to know that I care for them.

Lots of times people will think that because they think about a person they so-call “love” that it means just as much as them calling their friends or family.


Lots of people will put off friends and family, especially for a new love that comes in their life. And when I say new love, I mean a man or a woman who loves and also sexes them up. I hate to be blunt, but you guys should know me by now. LOL.

Seriously take time out to spend more quality time with friends and family. Don’t neglect them for any love, because while a boyfriend or girlfriend can fall out of love with you and leave you high and dry at the worst time, a friend or family is gareented to stay by your side for as long as you two shall live.

Any comments, feel free to leave one. Or you can send me an email at

Friday, July 21, 2006

How To Be Less Lonely

I’ve heard many an unmitigated argument over the subject of loneliness. I couldn’t bear to see a person in a restaurant eating all by themselves, a John Grisham novel limply hanging from their fingertips as a decoy to the illusion that they are actually enjoying the book, when their eyes are constantly planted on the gyro they’re eating. Then, one day I was that same person sitting in a restaurant with a Stephan King novel in my hand. To make matters worse, I had the front paperback cover folded backwards, completely destroying the book. How could I end up in this position? But unlike the John Grisham reader, I was not lonely, and I have the secret as to why. Here are some suggestions on how to be less lonely.

Cognitive therapy. Exploring and challenging the negative assumptions of lonely people might encourage them to take social risks...and make them more attractive to others.

Social skills practice. Some university counseling centers and community mental health clinics offer group workshops on overcoming shyness. Role-playing and other methods help lonely people build confidence and learn to interact more successfully with others.

Changing the environment. Many people have trouble forming relationships not because of any deficit in social skills, but because they’re not spending time in the right places. Tell me, if someone likes golf, and want to find someone who shares the same interest why would they look for a friend in a gothic lesbian bar? It doesn’t make sense, does it?

Example: Loneliness is a common reaction to moving to a new city. Work is the basis for many people’s social lives. If you have little in common with your colleagues other than the fact that you work together, you’ll be at a disadvantage in finding people to socialize with.

In fact, it can be dangerous to overemphasize a lack of personal and social skills as a cause of loneliness. Studies have shown that people who focus on their situations-and try to do something to change their situations-are more successful at overcoming loneliness than people who blame their own presumed personality defects.

Successful relationships are largely a function of proximity and similarity..being in settings where you are likely to meet people who share your interests, education level, socioeconomic backgrounds, age or hobbies.

Example: I bet you didn’t know that trying to meet people of the opposite sex in bars, or even many singles groups, is highly unlikely to result in satisfying long-term relationships. The people you meet there may be pleasant, but the odds are you’ll have nothing in common with them...and the future of such relationships is not promising.

Not to call myself speaking in layman’s terms, but you should think about what you are interested in and where people with the same interests as yourself are likely to be found-then go there. People too often overlook this seemingly obvious but effective strategy.

If there is any idea that you have in regards to meeting new friends, please send me an e-mail at You could see your comment posted online at Recipes 4 Love. Until the next time I post, love, peace and empathy.

Terry J. Snipes

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The "Key" To A Stronger Relationship

When giving your mate the key to your home, is it the same as giving them the full key to your heart? When giving your heart to someone, there is a slight amount of caution involved, especially if you’ve ever been in a relationship and it failed.

But why does a key mean so much? When my girlfriend and I first started to get closer I would spend the night over her house constantly as well as her spending the night over mine. Technically, we’d already moved in with each other. We were spending the night with one another for over nine months. This wasn’t a once in a while spend the night type of thing, it was a spend the night every single night type of thing.

The transition to roommates didn’t seem so awkward as most people expect it to seem, even though we were so happy to be sharing a place together. So what the hell does a key mean? When does symbolism go so far as to scare individuals off with a piece of metal. The same goes with white, diamond and crosses. You guessed it: A wedding. Why do men throw up, pass out and certain women stand up their own weddings? People say that it’s because they are going to be tied down for life. What the hell does that mean when so many people cry at their weddings, say, “I love you,” and then get a divorce?

Keys: fully giving up yourself or finding some bullshit to be afraid of? Give your input.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Would You Choose Money Or Love?

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I guess there is no right or wrong answer to the question. It's all on what you enjoy most in life. Beyond the glitz and glam, some people realize that true love is the only thing that rings eternal. On the other hand, most people don't give a damn about love and would prefer a mansion set off in the hills of their home town.

It's my belief that the world is split down the middle with two different types of people. The first type are those who spend their lives seeking love and the second type are those who spend their lives looking for the dinero, green, geld, argent, soldi, dinheiro or dollar bills. You get my point.

I guess I am torn in between. I am constantly trying to seek out love in the world as well as looking for ways to make money. So, I'd say that I seek love and get money on the side. If my money catches up to the wealthy amount of love I have then I'll a lucky man.

What type of person are you, money lover or a lover of love?

Lost Love: Gift or A Curse? It's All How You Look At It

When it comes to subject of stress, who knows this better than a woman or men who is just getting over love. Yes, it's a hard feat. No one wants to go through the entire dating process again. Who does?

When my last relationship went up in smoke I couldn't call another mate by Morse Code. I had to get my ass together by catering to myself. Of course, it might seem a little hard at first, but eventually it will fit. Like I always say, "how can you love someone else when you can't love yourself?"

When the woman who I'd fallen in love with cheated on my with a family member, it hurt like a cut down the back with salt in the wound. I couldn't understand why someone would be so evil. For months I was told that I was the only one and that I was being loved beyond thought, feeling and expressible emotion. Yeah, right!

Like I said earlier, the news hurt me a lot. But I did something that I never would have done in the past. I went into the bathroom and shut the door. I even locked it through no one else was there. I starred at myself in the mirror and immediately began to feel sorry for myself. How could this happen to me, I thought to myself. And then, out of no where, I begin to laugh!

This might seem like I was going insane, but you know what, the laughter helped me realize how foolish I would have been for crying over someone who wouldn't hear my sobs and wouldn't taste my tears. Looking at myself in the mirror helped me realize how unimportant it was to sulk over what happened. Though, at first, it felt like someone through salt and rubbing alcohol in the wound, it began to heal.

I know that it is always hard getting over anything you love leaving you, be it a lover, mother, father, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, brother or friend. Hell, people even get teary-eyed over loosing a job they've had for years. And though it's not easy to just laugh at the situation when you're hurting, really understand that God must have a purpose in your life. He wouldn't leave you hanging out to dry.

So dry those tears, turn that frown into a smile (it takes more muscle to frown then to smile.. but I think you've heard that before) and think of loving yourself. Bring Atlantic City to your home and mingle with yourself for as long as it takes for the wound to heal.

Terry J. Snipes

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Look Inside Yourself In Regards To Love, Relationships and Life

Sometimes it’s best to look inward when it comes to problems. So, I suggest that everyone find a way to look inside of themselves when they have a problem instead of instantly going to friends, family, or lovers for advice.

I’ve been trying to put more trust in God, and then myself. I have been reading up on Qabbala and I am interested in the whole act of looking inside in order to assess what is going on outside. Love and relationships should start with ourselves. Life is full of problems and love for your own conscience and trust in yourself should help. Any comments or suggestions, don’t be afraid to post. Love peace and empathy.

Check Out My Podcast On This Subject

Look Inside Yourself - click to play

Terry J. Snipes

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Why Don't Artists Spread Love Anymore?

I’m cruising down Detroit Avenue and I spot a Caucasian female in her early twenties riding in a 2005 Honda Civic bumping Dead Presidents. WHAT THE HELL? That just struck me as a little different. It’s amazing how hip-hop has grown from where it’s been and is becoming a national musical art form. Then I thought to myself, which artist are sharing positivity and love through their music as opposed to the artists selling and serving pecks, good lucks, breast and a side order of booty?

I always have been an India.Arie fan, Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, Common, Talib Kwali, Jill Scott, and Eryka Badu fan. These artist spread the words of love, empowerment and respect for ones own culture as well as others. Some of these artist can be overly “pro-black,” but in the end they are trying to empower a race that is still enslaved to this very day (mentally).

Why is it that the subject of love gets thrown off to over weight, or low self-esteem young females, divorced or unmarried women in their mid thirties while sex is reserved for mainstream and popular youth. It amazes me how much popular society does not have an interest in love.

Well, okay, an artist can come out with a song about being in love and the world will go crazy over it. Yet, in the video is a very attractive male or female. Let’s switch this around and say that the person singing or rapping the song is butt ass ugly. I mean, they are sexy in regards to their personality but in just looking at them, they look butt ass ugly. Would as many people buy the CD and watch the song and have it played on the radio stations?

Music is a universal art form that is being used for good purposes by only about 10% of the music industry. The other 90% are just trying to make a quick buck by selling sex. If you were a famous recording artist, author, or movie maker, what message would you like to spread?

Friday, July 14, 2006

I Brought Atlantic City To My Home And Mingled With Me, Myself and I

As I sat on the floor of my apartment, alone and needing of my own solitude, I grabbed a deck of cards and begin to play- you guessed it- solitaire. It seemed like I was the only human being on the face of the earth. All of my friends seemed to be busy doing other things in life and I was left on that damn floor in that empty ass apartment with no other thoughts then, “is that a fly I hear buzzing around in here? Well… how in the hell did it get in here in the first place?”

I played the first game of solitary and won! I was on the fast road to an evening of success. Unfortunately, I lost the next four games. I was so frustrated that I was going to give up. Then I thought to myself, how many of us fold when we think we’re going to loose? I could continuously flip those cards and think harder for a moment to find a way to win the game.

And as I sat there, the realization of the situation hit me like I was boxing Mike Tyson without gloves. Upset and depressed with the fact that I was the only one in the apartment at the time, I seemed as if the world stopped spinning. Time stopped within my apartment but the world kept moving outside.

I walked my ass to the store and picked up some Pepsi and Seagram’s Fuzzy Navel and I sat down on the floor content with “being” in my own skin for a moment. Not wanting anyone to please or entertain me and not feeling that if I am physically alone at the time then I have nothing to do.

I sat down for the next hour and enjoyed my game of solitaire. And you know what? I won after a while. And just when the game, liquor and Pepsi began to merge and I felt larger than Donald Trump’s real estate my phone begins to ring off the hook. Friends begin calling, relatives and my girlfriend. I smiled to myself and turned the ringer off. I was going to enjoy myself a little while longer.

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I'll F@CK Until I Feel Whole... Well, Is That Enough?

What would you say if I told you that I masturbated three times last night within a four hour time span? Would you think I was a horny toad or would you think I was a pervert who doesn’t know how to keep his treasure buried?

Well, friends, that is what my good old friend Asia has been up to. The funny thing about the whole masturbation ceremony is that she was trying to get the same high that she received from her boyfriend. Okay, let me explain further:

When Asia boyfriend, Ricky, left out of town on a business trip, she was okay with the fact that she would be spending a week or two alone. But when Ricky’s trip lasted over three weeks, Asia began to become very sexually frustrated.

After waiting patiently for three week to give up the goods to her homie-lover-friend, she couldn’t take the built up tension and she masturbated. Now, I told her that in my opinion nothing was wrong with that. Then she continued to tell me that she felt empty after she had the first orgasm. So she masturbated again and still felt a longing. After the third time of figure jerking, she finally realized that stuffing her box was not filling her emotionally.

It took me only a few minutes to analyze what was happening. I looked her in the eyes and told her, “Asia, you are trying to make up for your boyfriend’s absence with sex when it’s really love that you miss.”


I hit the nail right on the head. This was such an interesting topic to me. When does sex become so important that we blur the lines between lust and love? And when it comes down to love, do we only associate it with the amount of sex in our relationship? A better question to ask ourselves is, when is it time to bring back romance and stop with this stupid new school modernized “say no to monogamy” bullshit type of relationships? Comments are welcome. Let’s build on this topic. Until the next entry, much love, peace and empathy.

Terry Snipes

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Who Really Likes the Cards They're Dealt?

A few nights ago I was playing cards with my girlfriend and she kept winning. I suppose I had somewhat on an attitude. She laughed and told me, “Sorry, boo. I can’t control the way the cards are dealt. I can only work with what I’ve got.” Those words stuck with me throughout the rest of the night.

I went on my usual night thinking walk and I thought about the many different and difficult hands that life deals us. This made me think about the whole love situation. It seems like most people just except the hand that they are dealt or they sit and complain about it. Why not work hard to make the best out of the hand you are dealt? When it comes to the hands that love deals, when is it okay to pull another card from the deck and slightly work with what you have? And if you did take another card from the deck, would it be cheating?

These are the many things that I thought about as I walked around through the night. I had to put that whole idea into perspective. A close friend of mine is going through some problems with her love life. She is 21 years a virgin and pissed as hell about it. So, now, I guess I’m thinking of ways that she could slightly take a card from the deck to make the hand she’s dealt seem a little more workable. I’ll follow up on this post with more information about how I plan on helping my friend. If you have any suggestions then feel free to send an email to or post a comment. Thanks. Love, peace and empathy to all.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Who Knows Love?

When it comes to love why do all men seem to either hit the nail right on the head or bomb miserably? It seems as if women have men beat, hands down, in the romance department.

So, check it: A men can walk four miles and throw stones at a woman’s window until she wakes up and that is considered romantic. But if a female did that to a men he would, first, call the cops, and second he would tell his boys how he met a psycho! So, maybe women don’t have men beat. Or maybe love is just a certain mental terrain that can’t be totally analyzed in this life… EVER!

I’d like to hear some of your romantic experiences. The reason why I ask for these is to let those who have never had one- or- those who haven’t had a romantic experience in a while try one out if only vicariously through your comments.

We might now be able to resolve all of the questions on love in regards to feelings, but we sure can analyze the reasons why our actions speak louder than the words: I love you. Keep an open mind and share. Thanx!

Love, peace and empathy

Terry J. Snipes


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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sex Outside Is... Normal?

Today I took a trip to the store to get something to eat. Actually, I was picking something up from the guaranteed death restaurant, Mac Donalds. I drove slow and played John Coltrane’s A Supreme Love as the wind blew through my windows. Jazz is such a comforting aphrodisiac for me. As I drove, I noticed another type of aphrodisiac. One very disturbing, interesting and nasty all at the same time. A couple was having sex, out in the open, in the back of a strip mall...

I guess they figured no one in their right mind would ever look in that direction and I had to be the one to look. The woman was posted up on the wall, her back towards the guy as he let his pants drop to the ground and began to pump her like there was no tomorrow.

As I sped by them I smiled to myself. If, in fact, the two people grinding it out on a brick wall behind a strip mall were a couple, is that healthy to have sex the way they were? Really, think about it. Sometimes couples have to do wild and interesting things to keep the sex fresh, passionate and to receive the rush that probably left their relationship.

For a long time I tried to steer free of sex talk, focusing more on relationships and love and I had to realize that sex is a part of relationships, love and life. Under different circumstances that scene that I spotted would have devastated me, but this time I looked at it as a healthy way to keep a fire burning when the wick is starting to sink into the wax. I just hope that no children saw the show. That would be sex education to the max:


-TAKING IN SPERM AND SPITTING OUT BABIES!- A different type of School House Rock, huh?

Terry J. Snipes

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