Sunday, May 28, 2006

Follow Directions: Subconscience Lessons On the Subject of Love

Today (or tomorrow or the next day), try and form a thought in your head of love. Yes, I’m being serious here. Try and put into your mind what love is and what effect it has on individuals. Okay, now go on to the second part.

Get a piece of paper and write down what you think love is. Only, don’t think about it before writing it down, just scribble all the things that first jump into your mind. Write down about 15 things then stop.

Take that piece of paper and put in high and away from you. Hide it. Of course, you can look at this paper anytime that you want to, but it’s best to keep it hidden away. For how long, you ask? Keep it buried away for 1 week. Try not to even think about the words on the paper, let alone the paper itself.

After that one week is gone I want you to unbury the paper and wait for further instructions. Please trust me on this; I’m going to prove a point to you. Once you have unburied the paper, log on to this blog and receive further instructions by clicking on the link provided right here: link.

If you perform this exercise- or test- before a week after this post was published and try to click on the link you will only see a page stating that the blog post has not arrived. Further instructions will not be given until June 4, 2006. Until then, please follow directions and keep an open heart and mind to love, relationships and life.

Terry J. Snipes

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Friday, May 26, 2006

This Is Why Relationships Are Scary

I have a problem of associating ideas with words and names. My past relationship, for example. I believe I dated Monica Newheart because of the combination of ideas suggested by her last name. The last syllable, "heart," romantic, eternal, strong and courageous... and the first syllable... That is rather obvious isn't it?

When I explained this to Monica she became so confused between her first syllable and her last syllable that she just plain gave up! The result of my analysis broke up my relationship!

Sometimes I miss that simply fascinating, paranoidal female. Other times I'm glad she's gone. Maybe that's why, for a while, I hastily went through relationship after relationship. Now that's an interesting psychic block. Why do I have a aversion to emotionally immature women, torn by irrational rages, a bit on the psychopathic side and crazy!?

After my last relationship, I believe my diagnosis on these types of women were entirely too mild. That type of woman is definitely a schizophrenic with paranoid undertones. The constant suggestion of cheating and dishonesty was nerve-wrecking! After a while I had enough of her discourtesy and surliness. I was not happy!

I guess by ranting and saying the first thing that came into my mind, I've gotten to the root of anxiety... All I had to do was put arsenic in her buttermilk. That would turn her into a middle-aged Mongoloid from Memphis. But, that would be the spiteful act of an neurotic child (if I decided to do that).

Really, it's much too lovely of a day for such tirades.

For future reference, this is what you feed the type of person I've just described:


and GROUND GLASS!!!!!!


Terry J. Snipes

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

I Love You and In-Love, What's The Difference?

There are two questions which swim around in my conscience today:

1. What is the difference between love and in-love?

2. Why don’t men get this?

My girlfriend and I had a long discussion about these two topics when we first got together. I have an audio post of gift giving that explains how much my past relationship taught me.

I was trying to explain to my girlfriend that there is a difference between having love for someone and being in-love with them. She was astounded that I knew the difference. And though I hate to down-play the romantic intelligence of men, it’s true. Most men don’t know, and frankly, don’t care about the difference. Yet, it’s this difference that can cause a long lasting relationship or heartbreak.

Women are often told by men that they are rushing into a relationship because he is finding love for her while she is falling in-love with him. This is a subject that could use some feedback. Let me know what your answer to those two questions are. Maybe we all can learn something new.

Terry J. Snipes

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Donald Goines Paintes Love With A Pen

There is a need for stories of love in America. There must be some type of hope for the future of romance. Okay, so let’s strip away the romance and stick with the love factor. I mean, you can have love without romance, right? And there are all types of love, deep love, crazy love, senseless love and obsessive love.

Donald Goines' book Black Girl Lost is a wonderful story of love. Most people associate it with the struggles of a young African American woman. Though the book does heavily touch on the struggles this girl goes through, it’s all about the love she has for her man. The things she goes through to share that love with him are astonishing. I’d recommend that everyone try and read this book. Check it out!

Terry J. Snipes

Love, peace and empathy

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Truman Capote

As a writer, this movie completely astounded me. The love and passion that an individual can have for their craft is limitless sometimes. I suggest you go out and watch this movie. This is a beautiful character (Truman Capote). I hope we all can relate to this man. LISTEN BELOW!
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Monday, May 22, 2006

Gifts In Relationships

When it comes to gifts that can be given to a companion, we sometimes over think or we don't think at all. I must admit, men are not as strong in this field as women are, but we do have our moments. Relationships are held on the dept of communication received. The more communication, the better the dates or love affair or relationship. I'd llike to introduce the audio blog entry THE GIFT GIVER FROM HELL!!

Check it out BELOW

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Terry J. Snipes

Shop for the Perfect Gift

Follow Directions: Follow-Up

Take the piece of paper that you unburied and look over it. Don't repeatedly read the words on that paper over and over again. Just read over it once. I have you do this because this is the last time you will ever look at love, relationships or life in that way again.

The Dictionary describes love as:

love >noun intense feeling of deep affection. 2. a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone. 3. a great interest and pleasure in something. 4. a person or thing that one loves.

I do the believe the best place to describe love should begin with our English language. After you’ve read this and taken into consideration what it means in regards to people or places that you love, you can move on to the next step.

On another piece of paper, write down people and places you love. The same as earlier, don’t overly think about it. Just grab that pen or pencil and start jotting down as many people and places- even things- that you love. Do this for about 2 minutes. Then stop and post the piece (or pieces) of paper up somewhere so that you can see it everyday.

When I was growing up, I went through a stage where I thought no one else loved me and that is because I stopped loving myself. So that is a major way to find out what love is and to have someone else love you. YOU MUST LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF!

So, let’s do this. Take that piece of paper and tape it right on your mirror. Do this so that every time you think of love you see yourself. God made you in his image so you should love the way you love, and who you are.

Now, if you’re up to it, I want you to write a 3 paragraph comment (no more than that) explaining why you are special. I ask you to do this because you should want to post this to the world. Don’t worry, I’m not concerned about vanity or conceited thoughts. I have a whole other exercise of humbleness. After doing this I will have more instructions.

Keep in mind that everyday I’m finding out more and more about love, relationships and life. Everything that I experience I like to share with the world. Our human existence is supposed to revolve around love. So let’s share it. Until next time...

Love, peace and empathy!

Terry J. Snipes

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Obsession and Passion. What's the Difference?

Unlike some insensitive bastards, I don’t crap on people who are already down. Today’s society thrives on buckets of blood and sudden death mixed with the need to ‘keep it real.’ I feel like my message can be conveyed without hurting or insulting anyone. So I must share I’m Too Stressed Over A Man’s story to you all.

Oh, and if you feel like my language is offensive to you.. Wait, need I say it? Really? Okay.
I apologize for you having to GET OVER IT!

When is a need for something, be it material or in regards to love, crossed over from a passion to an obsession? Sometimes we don’t realize when we stress over a particular subject or INDIVIDUAL! People, this isn’t good for business. You want to know why? I’ll tell you why. It’s because stress is not healthy for your body, mind or spirit. Stress can cause a stroke or heart-attack. No one needs that type of consequence over a materialistic desire or OBSESSION.

Take my friend, I’m Too Stressed Over A Man, for instance. He is an Asian man with a strong desire to sleep with two Japanese siamese twin sumo wrestlers. Why? Don’t ask me. It’s been a desire (obsession) all of his life.

“I think I’ve found it, Terry!” I’m Too Stressed Over A Man yells at me. Of course I’m shocked. Who would have ever thought he’d find two homosexual Japanese siamese twin sumo wrestlers who want to have sex with him?

Any who. I tells him I am happy that he’s found something that he likes. You know, it’s funny because for the past sex, seven or eight years or so, he was constantly charging credit cards to take trips to Japan and look for his desired men (obsession).

“They’re out in the car,” he says to me with enthusiasm. I smile and sit down with my legs crossed, knitting a sweater for my cat Huevos.When he steps back in the house with his desired men (obsession) I see two obese Hawaiian ladies. They have short hair.

“Meet Cheech and Chong,” he says with a smile. Of course, my mouth is open like one of those clowns at the carnival. You know the one where you have to shoot water in their mouth from a water gun, the balloon on top of the clowns head fills up with the water. Yeah, that’s what I looked like.

“Um, I’m Too Stressed Over A Man, those are not men.”

He looks at them closely, laughs at me and his face goes limp. “No?” he says in a soft whisper.

“Sorry, man. And they aren’t Japanese. They’re Hawaiian.”

This broke his heart. Upon hearing that they were not men or Japanese. The women told him that they were in a committed relationship. I’m Too Stressed Over A Man cried for the next 3 months. He was heartbroken. How could all his searching go to waist like this? He didn’t know how he was supposed to pay off his credit card bills. He was screwed.

So, on the third night of the third month at 3:33 in the afternoon, he paid a 500 pound obese man to sit on his face. He was smothered...

The story is overly embellished. But I hope you get my point. From obsessing over something, you leave yourself up to be more disappointed if your obsession doesn’t work toward your will. This can lead to depression and many more terrible things (trust me, I’ve seen ‘em).

Try and distinguish the difference between passion, a love and obsession. If you want a companion so much to the point where you are constantly on dating services and you rent romantic movies all the time just to feel sorry for your damn self while you sit naked in a wicker chair and stroke your tittie, you have a serious problem. This ride called ‘life’ is too short to stress over something you’ve made an obsession. Now go out and have some ice-cream!

Terry J. Snipes

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Love, Relationships and Life

I love stories that are about relationships. It seems as if life is full of love and relationships discribe the love that we share for life. Love is around relationships and we try and define what life is without love and it can't be done. Of course, it can't. What would life and relationships be without love? And what would love be if there were no relationships? Where would life be without love, relationships and life? I ask these many question on the subject of love, relationships and life because there are many things in this world that spark love. Take, for example, relationships. If you have ever been in a relationship you are aware of how important love reflects on your life. I live for love and the relationships that I have with friends and family all revolve around that special kind of love that I share in the relationships with my family, friends and life partner. I sometimes smile to myself when I start a new relationship and realize how it affects my life. I love the person I am with as well as loved the people I was in relationships with. Who wouldn't love the person they used to be in a relationship with? I made up this site mainly to fill it with tips, stories and thoughts about love, relationships and life. My life pretty much revolves around love and relationships that I have. Just as I'm sure your life revolves around love, relationships and truth in your life. So, with that said, I hope you learn a lot more to aid you in your relationships and life and fill the two with lots of love. Until the next post, much love, peace and empathy in regards to your life and relationships!

The Love Subject: Interview w/ Samantha Bell

Below is the very first interview that I've conducted. The two major questions were:

1. What would you define love as?

2. How would you sustain and keep a relationship going?

Listen and hopefully you get something out of it or enjoy it.

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Saturday, May 20, 2006


As I sit here unaware of the many individuals who are starving, rapped, beaten, homeless and grief-stricken, I can’t help but be somewhat of a spoiled American and sit back in a depressed mood over God knows what. I hate to have had to admit that fact, but Americans are spoiled rotten. We sometimes complain over the silliest things. Yet, I suppose different levels of living bring different obstacles to cope with.

If I were a millionaire, would I be worried about my father’s medical health and my financial stability or how I wanted the fur coat I saw in the store window and by the time I made up my mind(a week later) the coat was sold.

“Where’s my Caviar,” I’d yell to my butler. Then I’d tell all my high-class friends how my day was just ruined. Keep in mind that the television in the background shows starving children robbing bodegas to get some type of meal.

Does this mean I shouldn’t feel sad? Hell, no! But I most definitely should know why the hell I feel this way. That is something I’ve grown to learn: STRESS EQUALS DEATH! When you start to stress over something and become depressed about it, analyze it and find out what the root is. This can prevent a lot more anger and frustration down the road and you wont have to worry about having a stroke or heart-attack.

Look, I’m only 22 and I am having chest pains from all the stress that I’ve been accumulating. It’s not healthy. If you can any nice or encouraging stories, I’d like to hear. Post a comment and leave something that could cheer not just me up, but everyone else who is reading this blog entry right now.

Until the next entry, love, peace and empathy!

Terry J. Snipes

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Friday, May 19, 2006


One thing I never understood was the anxiety and nervousness surrounding first dates. What’s the big freaking deal? Okay, you could run the risk of making a complete and total ass of yourself and embarrassing yourself, causing your self-esteem to dive lower than the Titanic.

Wait a second.. Could it be?... Wait- You might be able to avoid this typical type of clicheful thinking and come out a dating graduate.

1. Please leave the attitude at home. No one wants to go out with you and your disposition says, “I don’t want to be bothered.” If that is the case, why in the hell did you decide to go out in the first place?

2. Please, brush your teeth thoroughly and pop a stick of gum or a tick-tack. The most unattractive thing is bad breath. Trust me on this.

3. I live in the most boring, yet comfortable city I could ever imagine: Toledo. When it comes down to things to do, we are limited. The first thing I would say is to not go someplace extremely romantic. Please, spare yourself. When you go out on a first date, you are getting to know the other person. You are deciding whether you want to continue the relationship. By all means, men be gentlemen and women be ladies, just don’t expect Casablanca on the first date. RELAX!

4. Spinning off of the previous number, set the date’s atmosphere for casual. The reason I say this is because the more casual the evening is, the more comfortable both parties are. You want your date to get to know you, not an uptight, pretending, over paranoid freak!

5. Last, but certainly not least, females please don’t argue over the check! I’ve had a woman do that and it pissed me off. I thought it was disrespectful for her to outright say, “NO!” when I offered to pay the check. I even compromised and told her she could leave the waitress a tip. She refused and I have not spoken to her since. Lots of people miss their blessings. Times are getting harder so don’t let your pride step in the way of your blessings.

I have more tips, of course. If you have any additional tips or experiences, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Until next time, love, peace and empathy to all!

Terry J. Snipes

Taking Chances, Revisited

My blog entry, Taking Chances, was recorded when I was searching for movies at Family Video. I found out that I was scared as hell to take chances on new movies. This made me realize how easy it is to pass up wonderful opportunities. Like I said in my previous entry,

“This can be applied to your love life as well as financial life. If you expect to make a profit or gain any revenue [or] gain a long lasting relationship, you have to take chances.”

That, my friends, is exactly what I did. And let me tell you, it worked. Three out of the four movies I picked up where all previously watched. I told myself that if a chef wanted to cook, he’d pick up a recipe book first, then jump headfirst into the kitchen. So, I decided to get one new movie (recent) that I’d never planned on seeing. Well, I guess that would be a lie... I did on watching this particular movie, I just assumed it would be awful.

The Producers was a funny musical that I could watch again and again. The gags were on top, acting side-splitting and the dancing and singing surprisingly wonderful. Who would have ever though Uma Thurman had such a decent voice?

This, in conclusion, helped me realize that because I took a chance (I’d always wanted to see The Producers, just had thoughts that it would suck) on a movie that could have sucked, I ended up NOT disappointed and relished the humor, emotion and entertainment found in such a “gay” movie.

All of you reading this should go out and start taking chances. By all means, don’t go bungy jumping if you know that is not your cup of tea. But if it’s something you have an interest in, why not go for it? If you fail, you can always try something else (except if you bungy jump. If you fail, you die!).

Until the next blog entry, love, peace and empathy.

Terry J. Snipes

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Melody (Music)

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An intimate poem about my love for music.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Taking Chances

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Monday, May 01, 2006

Are You Out There, God?

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