Thursday, August 24, 2006

Palpable Pain Caused By Lonliness

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When it comes to loneliness it seems like the pain can be unbearable. Singer/songwriter India.Arie even has a song on her new album about learning how to take her loneliness and turn it into a time to bond with herself. I think this is a beautiful way to look at the situation.

There was a time when I was living alone in a studio apartment. I didn't have cable or basic television. All I did was sit in this apartment with my thoughts, a pen and paper. I thought of different stories and I read my ass off. After awhile I naturally started to pity myself. I felt so alone and pathetic. It seemed as if no one wanted to speak to me and I had no one to call, see or communicate with. Junkies and crack fiends surrounded the apartment complex I lived in and it was a really hard time.

When I was driving down the street tonight and saw a young lady, walking slowly by herself, who looked to be the loneliest woman on the face of the earth, it got me to thinking about the situation that I was once in. I felt loneliness as if through osmosis. This audio blog contains my feelings during that particular time.

If anyone has a story or comment that relates to this subject, please don't hesitate to leave a comment. Thanks. Until the next blog entry about love, relationships, life and dating, Love, peace and empathy.

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Anonymous said...

OMG! That sounds so sad. I knew a girl in high school who was shy like that. She'd come into the class everyday with torn, dirty looking clothes that spelled like urine. She was little on the fat side, but she had the prettiest smile. The kids made fun of her so much that she dropped out of school. She would eat lunch alone on the steps in front of the school. Even if it was raining. When I drove past a bus stop the other day, I saw her crying and whispering to herself. At first I thought she was on a cell phone. But when I looked closer, she was talking to herself. It made me so angry that she turned out like that from being shy and then teased.

Terry, write a post on why celebrity relationships never last. Your opinion is always great to understand, study and, in some cases, challenge.


Anonymous said...

When I had my first child, my boyfriend was out all night. It hurt the hell outta me. Here I am a withered pig from having the damn kid and he is out having fun. I had no T.V. radio or Internet and all I had to listen to was a child screaming. Though I love my son with all of my heart. That lonliness was driving me insane. So many times I wanted to cry and not live.
To Bianca, I think the celebrity relationships gone wrong idea is a good. That would be great. Can't wait to read the next entry!

Fat Blonde Girl

Poetiq Expression said...

I have been thinking about writing a post on why celebrity relationships go sour. I am just putting everything together.

I love the positive imput that I receive from you guys. This makes the hard work from typing and maintaining these blogs special. I will have more interesting topics in the future.

If you need any advice or you have a situation that you would like to share with the world, please don't hesitate to e-mail and I will respond either by post or by e-mail. Thanks. Love, peace and empathy to all.

Terry J. Snipes

Melanie said...

This website has given me so many different views on love and relationships with people around me. I have a story that I would like to share. Poetiq Expression, I would like to e-mail with it. I hope it inspires many.

Brit said...

Sometimes I am very lonely. I mostly sit in my room and watch tv. I think its hard for people to get out and mingle with others. Sometimes I get so scared. This is the reason why I feel so comfortable chatting and sharing my opinions online. No one can see me.

Ms. Kay said...

That is very sad. You should not hide behind another type of one-eyed monster just to feel secure. The world will always come and get you and there is no way around this. All you can do is keep your head up high and try. Please, don't let life scare you into enjoying your life.

Poetiq Expression said...

Sometimes I have moments where I feel very sad, down and out. But then I make goals in my life. This could be small or large goals. I'll plan to work out every morning, giving myself better health. Or I'll write on my script so that it will eventually be finished and I can shop it around, hopefully selling it, myself attached as the director. When I make these goals in life, I don't feel as lonely. I feel like I have a mission that I will achieve even if someone is not in my life.

This does not mean that you can not talk to people, make friends or have a lover, this only means that you should put your mind into goals that take you thoughts away from being lonely, then you don't hurt as bad. When the right friends or mate comes in your life, you will know. Until then, enjoy life. :-)

Terry J. Snipes

Anonymous said...

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