Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Care When Purchasing a Diamond Ring

I like to often ask questions that would bring my readers into deep contemplation. Well, today, as I was walking to the university library to do some studying, I saw two women chatting about engagement rings. As I slowly walked past them (walking like a snail in order to eavesdrop on their convo...aint I nosy?) I heard what the conversation was about. THE HORROR!

Woman 1:
Girl, it's horrible. How the hell am I
supposed to show my friends this piece
of shit?

Woman 2:
That is an ugly ring. Why would he buy
you something like that?

Woman 1:
He's bought me rings before. He knows

Woman 2:
Well, honey don't feel bad. My ring cost
about $500 bucks.

Woman 1:
(hisses) No!

Woman 2:
Maybe you can tell him you have to take
it back.

Woman 1:
That would kill him. He was so proud of
his ugly ring.

Woman 2:
Just lie and tell him that it doesn't
fit and you need to get it fitted.

Woman 1:
He'll notice that the ugly ring has been
replaced by the better one. What is it
with men? They can't get the romance
thing down, the talking or the
affection, but the moment you touch
their car, sports...anything... they
notice and will almost be brought to

Woman 2:
I guess men are from mars and women are

Woman 1:
If you say it I'll smack you silly

Woman 2:

What the hell is up with this? I never knew women felt this strongly about the materialistic side of the marriage. If I were a woman I would be happy that the man I loved proposed to me. This truly makes sense when people say that men and women are complete opposites.
So, here is my question:

When it comes to your engagement ring (and if you are married, let's throw a past tense on there and say, "When it came to your engagement ring), is the look and price of the ring more important than the sentimental value?

When it comes to buying a wedding ring for your wife, should it matter how much it costs as opposed to the meaning behind it?

Inquiring minds would like to know.

Terry J. Snipes

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Anonymous said...

The look and the value, in some cases are a part of the sentimental value. The fact that he takes the time to find a ring that you will like, that he has to work for (in order to afford) is a wonderful and romatic sign that you (the bride) are important.


Poetiq Expression said...

That is a very clever way of making a shallow statement.

Terry J. Snipes

Kally said...

I don't think it was shallow at all. If a man, who has no interest in things like this, goes out of his way to get me what I want I take it as a sign that he cares. It's not shallow at all. What if a man wanted a Chicago Bulls jacket and I just grabbed a 76ers coat and said HEY it's a football team. He would think that was the most awful way of going about it. He'd tell me I shouldn't have gotten anything at all.