Monday, July 31, 2006

Sacrament of Love

With words stagnated by the earths vibrations
I try and find a comfort zone in you

With blues sung in tones of sapphire, azure and lazuline I feel alone only when Im not mentally in you

Physically, I melt with you and watch you fall on me like snow on Christmas morning

Caging my feelings deep within a feminine embrace that you clutch me softly in

Youre a genuine heroine thats been beside me for years... Were like siamese twins, learning how to function together.

This is sacrament of love.

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Stillness said...

This poem really touched me. I was wondering if people can send you poetry through e-mail and you possible post it on your website blog?

Mike said...

I think this would be cool to. I have a lot of love poems that I write and I'd like to share them on this blog. Let me know.