Thursday, July 06, 2006

Who Knows Love?

When it comes to love why do all men seem to either hit the nail right on the head or bomb miserably? It seems as if women have men beat, hands down, in the romance department.

So, check it: A men can walk four miles and throw stones at a woman’s window until she wakes up and that is considered romantic. But if a female did that to a men he would, first, call the cops, and second he would tell his boys how he met a psycho! So, maybe women don’t have men beat. Or maybe love is just a certain mental terrain that can’t be totally analyzed in this life… EVER!

I’d like to hear some of your romantic experiences. The reason why I ask for these is to let those who have never had one- or- those who haven’t had a romantic experience in a while try one out if only vicariously through your comments.

We might now be able to resolve all of the questions on love in regards to feelings, but we sure can analyze the reasons why our actions speak louder than the words: I love you. Keep an open mind and share. Thanx!

Love, peace and empathy

Terry J. Snipes


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Debra said...

When I had my very first kiss it was at the age of 17 to a guy who I’d dated for five months. It took his soul not to bend me over and smack a kiss on my lips. But he was patient and waited until I was ready. That was the most romantic time that I’ve had. I can even say it was more romantic than my wedding-well, almost. LOL

Poetiq Expression said...

That was beautiful. I had a romantic time when I was kissing my girlfriend and fireworks just started to go off in the sky. At first it freaked us out then we calmed down and settled in to the explosion that our love was creating. Romance can be such a blissful emotion.