Monday, July 24, 2006

S.E.X.: The Easy Cures for Male Infertility


I figured that I would talk about some easy cures for male infertility. First, I would like to let you know that male fertility problems results from inferior production, quality, and movement of sperm. Some factors to take into account...

Age: Sperm production drops sharply after age 30.

Alcohol: Too much lowers the production of the male hormone testosterone.

Caffeine: Coffee and medications with caffeine appears to make sperm sluggish.

Cimetidine: Prescribed to treat ulcers, it decreases testosterone levels.

Clothing: Tight trousers of underwear can overheat sperm-producing cells in testicles, which lowers sperm count.

Diethyistilbestrol: A drug used during the 1950s to prevent miscarriage. It has been found to cause fertility trouble in men whose mothers used it.

Hot Tubs: Frequent use can lower sperm count by overheating sperm-producing cells.

Infection: All sexually transmitted diseases can have an adverse effect on fertility.

Also, a partner’s vaginal douches, lubricants, and sprays can immobilize sperm.

Recreational drugs: Marijuana and other dugs may decrease testosterone levels.

Smoking: Lowers sperm count and slows sperm mobility.

Hope this helps out. Until the next post, much love peace and empathy.

Terry J. Snipes

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