Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sex Outside Is... Normal?

Today I took a trip to the store to get something to eat. Actually, I was picking something up from the guaranteed death restaurant, Mac Donalds. I drove slow and played John Coltrane’s A Supreme Love as the wind blew through my windows. Jazz is such a comforting aphrodisiac for me. As I drove, I noticed another type of aphrodisiac. One very disturbing, interesting and nasty all at the same time. A couple was having sex, out in the open, in the back of a strip mall...

I guess they figured no one in their right mind would ever look in that direction and I had to be the one to look. The woman was posted up on the wall, her back towards the guy as he let his pants drop to the ground and began to pump her like there was no tomorrow.

As I sped by them I smiled to myself. If, in fact, the two people grinding it out on a brick wall behind a strip mall were a couple, is that healthy to have sex the way they were? Really, think about it. Sometimes couples have to do wild and interesting things to keep the sex fresh, passionate and to receive the rush that probably left their relationship.

For a long time I tried to steer free of sex talk, focusing more on relationships and love and I had to realize that sex is a part of relationships, love and life. Under different circumstances that scene that I spotted would have devastated me, but this time I looked at it as a healthy way to keep a fire burning when the wick is starting to sink into the wax. I just hope that no children saw the show. That would be sex education to the max:


-TAKING IN SPERM AND SPITTING OUT BABIES!- A different type of School House Rock, huh?

Terry J. Snipes

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Varsha said...

hmnn its pretty disturbing for me to see such a sight. Probably because of my cultural background..but still...

Poetiq Expression said...

Trust me, Varsha, it was like seeing some monkeys having sex at a zoo. It freaked me out. I just hope no children saw this "raw" love. Thanks for the comment. Much love, peace and empathy.

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