Sunday, May 28, 2006

Follow Directions: Subconscience Lessons On the Subject of Love

Today (or tomorrow or the next day), try and form a thought in your head of love. Yes, I’m being serious here. Try and put into your mind what love is and what effect it has on individuals. Okay, now go on to the second part.

Get a piece of paper and write down what you think love is. Only, don’t think about it before writing it down, just scribble all the things that first jump into your mind. Write down about 15 things then stop.

Take that piece of paper and put in high and away from you. Hide it. Of course, you can look at this paper anytime that you want to, but it’s best to keep it hidden away. For how long, you ask? Keep it buried away for 1 week. Try not to even think about the words on the paper, let alone the paper itself.

After that one week is gone I want you to unbury the paper and wait for further instructions. Please trust me on this; I’m going to prove a point to you. Once you have unburied the paper, log on to this blog and receive further instructions by clicking on the link provided right here: link.

If you perform this exercise- or test- before a week after this post was published and try to click on the link you will only see a page stating that the blog post has not arrived. Further instructions will not be given until June 4, 2006. Until then, please follow directions and keep an open heart and mind to love, relationships and life.

Terry J. Snipes

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something from me said...

I am interested in your test.
Am I too late? Post a comment on my site to let me know..

Mine is a about a relationship too..


Poetiq Expression said...

You are not too late. It doesn't take much to do the test and follow the directions. I hope that this gives you a new and interesting perspective on love, life and relationships!

Terry J. Snipes

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