Monday, May 22, 2006

Follow Directions: Follow-Up

Take the piece of paper that you unburied and look over it. Don't repeatedly read the words on that paper over and over again. Just read over it once. I have you do this because this is the last time you will ever look at love, relationships or life in that way again.

The Dictionary describes love as:

love >noun intense feeling of deep affection. 2. a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone. 3. a great interest and pleasure in something. 4. a person or thing that one loves.

I do the believe the best place to describe love should begin with our English language. After you’ve read this and taken into consideration what it means in regards to people or places that you love, you can move on to the next step.

On another piece of paper, write down people and places you love. The same as earlier, don’t overly think about it. Just grab that pen or pencil and start jotting down as many people and places- even things- that you love. Do this for about 2 minutes. Then stop and post the piece (or pieces) of paper up somewhere so that you can see it everyday.

When I was growing up, I went through a stage where I thought no one else loved me and that is because I stopped loving myself. So that is a major way to find out what love is and to have someone else love you. YOU MUST LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF!

So, let’s do this. Take that piece of paper and tape it right on your mirror. Do this so that every time you think of love you see yourself. God made you in his image so you should love the way you love, and who you are.

Now, if you’re up to it, I want you to write a 3 paragraph comment (no more than that) explaining why you are special. I ask you to do this because you should want to post this to the world. Don’t worry, I’m not concerned about vanity or conceited thoughts. I have a whole other exercise of humbleness. After doing this I will have more instructions.

Keep in mind that everyday I’m finding out more and more about love, relationships and life. Everything that I experience I like to share with the world. Our human existence is supposed to revolve around love. So let’s share it. Until next time...

Love, peace and empathy!

Terry J. Snipes


Anonymous said...

I am special because even though I've been through 3 marriages I've managed to find a man who loves me. That is why I am special. Thanx for the website and the interesting posts.


Kelsey said...

People who believe in love should just go ahead and kill themselves. Have a great day!

Kelsey said...

People who believe in love should just go ahead and kill themselves. Have a great day!

Poetiq Expression said...

That is not a positive post, now is it? We should try and share positivity instead of negativity. Comments like that help clarify the reasons why you must not have either love, relationships or a life! If you had these things than you would be encouraging others. And since you do not possess all of these things, I personally think you should shut up and listen.

Try and post another comment explaining why you are somebody as opposed to why others are not.

Love, peace and empathy.

P.S. Kelsey, if there is something on your heart that you need to express, then you can e-mail me at We can talk about it and try and get a good outlook on fixing the root problem.