Saturday, May 20, 2006


As I sit here unaware of the many individuals who are starving, rapped, beaten, homeless and grief-stricken, I can’t help but be somewhat of a spoiled American and sit back in a depressed mood over God knows what. I hate to have had to admit that fact, but Americans are spoiled rotten. We sometimes complain over the silliest things. Yet, I suppose different levels of living bring different obstacles to cope with.

If I were a millionaire, would I be worried about my father’s medical health and my financial stability or how I wanted the fur coat I saw in the store window and by the time I made up my mind(a week later) the coat was sold.

“Where’s my Caviar,” I’d yell to my butler. Then I’d tell all my high-class friends how my day was just ruined. Keep in mind that the television in the background shows starving children robbing bodegas to get some type of meal.

Does this mean I shouldn’t feel sad? Hell, no! But I most definitely should know why the hell I feel this way. That is something I’ve grown to learn: STRESS EQUALS DEATH! When you start to stress over something and become depressed about it, analyze it and find out what the root is. This can prevent a lot more anger and frustration down the road and you wont have to worry about having a stroke or heart-attack.

Look, I’m only 22 and I am having chest pains from all the stress that I’ve been accumulating. It’s not healthy. If you can any nice or encouraging stories, I’d like to hear. Post a comment and leave something that could cheer not just me up, but everyone else who is reading this blog entry right now.

Until the next entry, love, peace and empathy!

Terry J. Snipes

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