Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Donald Goines Paintes Love With A Pen

There is a need for stories of love in America. There must be some type of hope for the future of romance. Okay, so let’s strip away the romance and stick with the love factor. I mean, you can have love without romance, right? And there are all types of love, deep love, crazy love, senseless love and obsessive love.

Donald Goines' book Black Girl Lost is a wonderful story of love. Most people associate it with the struggles of a young African American woman. Though the book does heavily touch on the struggles this girl goes through, it’s all about the love she has for her man. The things she goes through to share that love with him are astonishing. I’d recommend that everyone try and read this book. Check it out!

Terry J. Snipes

Love, peace and empathy

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