Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Email Poems:"Unanswered Love"

Below is an e-mail sent to me by Sushi (LOL). I really loved this poem and decided to publish it. Though it's not like I've been having sworms of peoms coming in. I hope you enjoy it.

Terry J. Snipes

Unanswered Love

I have tried love in many positions.
Love has been freaky with me
As well as romantic.

What is love without romance?
What is life without love?
What is a question without an answer?

I could have a million dollars
And a million pearls.
I could receive a private rocket ship
To travel around the world.
But if I can not answer this one question:

Do I have love?

Then I have nothing at all.

Tashawna "Sushi" Hicks


Sushi said...

I didn't think you were going to post it. LOL. I feel all special. Thanks, homie.


Poetiq Expression said...

It was a very nice poem. Thanks for responding. I don't get lots of people who send in comments or request email advice. Most people come, read and leave. I would like more participation from the readers and you are one person who can start things off. Thanks again for being brave and sending in the first poem.

Terry J. Snipes

Anonymous said...

I liked the poem. It was okay.

Anonymous said...

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