Monday, August 07, 2006

Career or Love? Tough Choice

When it comes to career and love, which one is the greatest? I look at celebrities who have wonderful careers but never spend any time with their mates. I suppose this is the reason why so many famous relationships break up. For the first few months occasional phone calls are great, but what happens when that physical itch needs to be scratched and your lover isn't there to take care of it?

A friend of mine has a dream of going to Chicago to pursue her goal of becoming a fashion editor or fashion consultant. Or maybe it was a fashion designer. She changes it up so much, I think she's a career chameleon. You know, those people who have a different career every day. The point of the matter is, she plans on going to school to pursue her dream which is FASHION. This is when we hear the dreaded, DUH DUH DUM DUM DUM theme. Her "dating" partner (she is too scared to commit and call him a boyfriend) wants to move to New York and chase his dream of acting. Now, let me add this up here.

New York + Chicago= DISTANCE!!!!!

I would never tell my friend to abandon her dream just to stay in a relationship that might not work out. I would always encourage her to stay in love with her career goal. Though you receive lots of BS from it and sometimes you don't want to be bothered with it, you still need it to feel complete at the end of the day. You can always pursue your dreams and find some way to live them out (unless you want to be Bill Gates, Donald Trump or Warren Buffet... then you might as well get rich or be content on staying poor).

But the flip side to this story is the fact that my friend has been searching for love and a relationship for a long time now. She is about to turn 22 and has never been in a serious physical relationship. She has never been able to go over a boyfriend's house when something was on her mind or she just needed someone to be close with. This is something that she has been waiting for since all of her other friends were dating and she doesn't want to let the opportunity pass her by. I told her that she has been watching the movie 8 Mile too much. Opportunities in love are no different than opportunities in careers except one thing:

THAT CAREER CHOICE CAN'T CHOOSE TO LEAVE OR DIVORCE YOU! You have to make that decision. It's all on a person's passion and drive for something they want that doesn't have it's own mind, spirit and choices.

I had to let her know that love is a beautiful thing, and if she feels like they are ready to move in together then they have to decide who is going where. Chicago and New York harbor opportunities in the arts. Yet, if she feels like he is not someone who she wants to be with for a long time then she needs to do her and move on. If God brought one he sure the hell can bring another one. And though it might seem like a really hard choice, it isn't. If the sun don't shine, the sun don't shine

What would you tell your friend to do?


Anonymous said...

I choose love. It takes too long to get money and when you do it's gone quicker than it came.

Anonymous said...

I would choose money. Half of the people you fall in love with you fall out of love with. If I'm making money, I don't care if people love me or not. They will respect me. Then i'll have money power and repsect!


Poetiq Expression said...

When I wrote this post I was torn between the two. We all know that money makes the world (especially the United States) go round. But love is priceless. To have true love is to have more than money can provide. You see how many rich people commit suicide? This shows that money does not equal comfortability.

Terry J. Snipes

Anonymous said...

I would choose both.