Sunday, March 21, 2010

Support A Dream: With or Without Payday Loans

I prefer advance payday loans over “dream killers”…

I am as fond of advance payday loans as I am of morning walks in the park. I’m fond on eating a bowl of cereal for dinner and enjoying every bite of it. I’m even fond of saying hello to individuals I pass in the park, even if they don’t say hi back to me. But I am not very affectionate for dream killers.

Oh, you know the type where everything has to be so logical that the only logic remaining is his/hers; the type that sticks their nose in other people’s affairs solely to give an “educated opinion” on the matter.

The Incident

I was having one of my usual walks in the park when I saw a close friend of mine. We’ll call her CJ. She was walking with a man I’d never seen before. He was her type as well, tall, tanned, and dressed from neck to toes in Abercrombie and Fitch attire. And when she introduced me to him, I discovered that his personality didn’t seem the mesh well with her average boyfriends.

“I’m an artist, dud,” he said to me.

“You meant to say, dude, right?” I asked.

“Nope,” went his quick response.

I decided to brush his attitude off my shoulders and I asked him what type of artist he was. He looked at me and then at CJ like she was nuts for not sharing the information with me ahead of time, and then he said, “I am a brilliant writer! Have you ever heard of Stephen King?” he asked me.

“Yes,” I said.

“Garbage! How about Dean Koontz?”

“Yeah,” I said.


I was beginning to get fed up with his attitude, but then CJ said something that made his outrageous characteristics seem justifiable, at least to some Twilight Zone degree.

CJ’s Comment:

“Oh, my gosh, David! Can’t you turn off the computer and pick up a full-time job?!”

My Two Cents

I was completely floored that she encouraged him to stop working on his dream; especially since she has dreams of working as a DP for movies someday (she’s even taking classes for it). Fortunately for CJ, she found a wonderful job on campus doing what she loves, DP and photography work. What about David? There are places such as Personal Money Store that offer writers an advance payday loan or a chance to make some extra money from pay-per-post article submissions, but other than that, she has to continue pushing his work in order to succeed.


I politely told David that I believe he’ll succeed. He spat a glob of mucus over his shoulder, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, smiled and said, “Thanks, dud.” I then shared with him some of my favorite writers, all of whom he felt were no-talents. But when I mentioned a couple authors from Shakespearean days, he lit up more than receiving emergency payday loans on Christmas morning. I hope I inspired him, and I hope his girlfriend, my friend CJ learned something: If you can’t build a person’s character, you should leave them alone. I think that was well put, straight without a chaser.
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