Friday, February 02, 2007

Wanna Know: Guys are slobs

I’m surprised that someone e-mailed me a Wanna Know rant already. I just launched the reader-active series yesterday. Most of my advice entries where sent from my other website and had been sitting for weeks. So here is the first Wanna Know Rant by Karol Stevens:

“Guys are such slobs. I don’t know why they expect so much from females when they walk around like their beer-belly asses don’t stink. A guy I was with about a week ago had the damn nerve to ask me to pay more attention to the stubble near my knee. Near my knee! Who the fuck cares? And if I wanted to be overly critical like his ass I could have told him to shave off half of his back hair. I love guys, but sometimes they make me sick. Sick Sick sick.”

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1 comment:

Tiesha said...

She has some major issues. Terry, I hope you dont agree with this shit.