Friday, February 02, 2007

Re: My boyfriends dad feels me up

Dear Trew,

My boyfriend’s father always gives me nasty looks, and he feels me up when he hugs me. I don’t want to cuss his ass out in front of his son, but I’m afraid Lucas will think I’m lying and choose his father over me. He worships the ground his father walks on.


Dear Tina,

Quite the predicament you’re in, huh? You must ask yourself, which one is more important: Your respect or your boyfriend? If you’ve never given him a reason to think you’re lying, and you confront him, he should take into consideration how you feel. If he can’t trust your word, do you really think that is someone who is going to have your best interest at heart? The only way to know is to tell him. Good luck, and follow-up telling me how things go.

-Trew Life

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