Friday, February 23, 2007

Re: Opinion- "Leave Britney Alone"

Dear Trew,

I am so tired of hearing stories about Britney Spears. Everyone is making her seem like she is crazy, but maybe her heart is just broken. I read you blog daily and I expected more of you. Please, stop flashing her pain across the television and Internet. Just let her grieve.


Dear Anonymous

This is life, Sweetheart. I've had my soul burned and my heart spat on plenty of times. The news traveled around the job. I came to work in all black, head down and feeling like shit. People still continued to talk.

I also don't understand how you expect more from me. This website is about LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS and LIFE. That's what I write about. This mess with Britney... You guessed it. It encompasses all of those things I labeled in all caps above.

Chill out. I'm not posting anything that has not been posted on a million other websites by now. But for the sake of happiness, I won't post another blog about Britney Spears... for the next 24 hours!

-Trew Life

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