Saturday, October 21, 2006

Introduction of TD.GAD.AY!

TD.GAD.AY was established some few months ago. My professional presentiment tells me that I should have remembered the exact date, but no one really gives a damn about that sort of stuff.

You’ll ask yourself: what does TD.GAD.AY stand for?

Well, when its discreditable acronym is broken down, it stands for

  • T hey
  • D on't
  • G ive
  • .
  • A
  • D amn
  • .
  • A bout
  • Y ou

The logic of it might seem harsh in the beginning, but take a few breaths, dry your eyes and wake up to the reality of the REAL WORLD. No, it’s not me being overly cynical (Trust! I’ve seen some cynical ass people), but rather realistic.

Cynical Comment: That man is full of shit. I don’t know him, and I’ve heard anything about him, or spoken to him, but he’s full of shit.

Realistic Comment: That guy’s breath smells like open camel mouth with melted cheese inside of it.

Try to apply this doctrine to your life. Say it with me, Gadies and Lentlemen…


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