Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Why Men Don't Call Back After A Wonderful Date- Part 3

Why don’t men call women back after a "great" first date? Well, ladies and gentlemen, I feel as though I’m on to something new. During an afternoon meal (not quiet breakfast, not even brunch but I got my eat on) with a high school buddy of mine, I bumped into a couple of females who actually paid me, from time to time, for my dating advice back in high school.

One of the women looked me in the eyes, and instead of saying hi, she said, "This guy I was with last night never called me back. What the hell did I do wrong? It was a perfect date."

Unfortunately, I couldn't answer her question on the spot. Instead I referred her to my posts on and advised her to pay close attention to the answers given. I told her my plans of interviewing four different men who have, in some way, shape, or form blew a "perfect" possible relationship due to avoiding the follow-up phone call. Each man will be different, and in turn will give different answers as well as scarily similar answers.

Below, I have posted the third interview:

Marvin, a 34 year old divorced songwriter makes a living writing songs that appears on local's albums. Though he hasn't made his first million dollars, he makes enough to get by... comfortably. He writes lots of lyrics about love and wanted it. Could this all by a ploy to woo a young ladies heart only to sell records and KA-CHING! (cash in)?

Guru Reporter- Wassup, homie? (laughs)

Marvin- Nothing, homie skins. (laughs)

GR- I understand you were writing a song for a new artist coming to town named Mike Black. Is that correct?

M- Yeah, that's right.

GR- You let me read some of the lyrics and you wrote:

"I'll never let you down/ though sometimes you call and I'm not around/ I'll be there soon/ So we can get down"

M- That's my stuff.

GR- This pretty much says, "you might want to call me and talk and I might not come around until I want to hit the skins-"

M- No, no, no. It means that sometimes she'll call and I'll be busy, but I'll always make time for her. And when I do make plans for her I might want to make her feel good.

GR- That's a load of BS. I can't believe you expect a woman to look at it in that light.

M- Trust me, homie, they do.

GR- Well... I guess you've got that one, huh?

M- You know I stole it! (laughs)

GR- Now, the big question is: Do you call women back when you say you will after the first date?

M- Some I do, some I don't. It all depends.

GR- On what? How she looks? What she's said?

M- It depends on how I'm feeling at the time. If I'm on a date with an Asian woman and I feel like Jamaica, I won't call her back.

GR- But you do make it a point to tell her you'll call even though you don't plan on doing so, correct?

M- You're making me seem like a monster, Terry!

GR- I'm making you seem like a liar. And you are. Truth be told, you lie to these females and never plan on calling them back again.

M- Some I'll call back and some I wont. Like I said, it all-

GR- Yes, it all depends on what Marvin wants at that time. And your ass would be balling on the floor crying and writing sad love songs if a woman did that same shit to you.

M- You damn right. But the important thing to remember is, they don't.

GR- So, your decision to not call back is solely based on what type of female you want at the time?

M- Yup.

GR- And if you know what type of female you want at the time, why go out on the damn date in the first place?

M- I need something to write about in my songs, don't I?

GR- You sneaky little dog. (laughs)

I would like to thank Marvin for participating in this interview. He was a very good sport. I eagerly await the answers I'll receive from the last man. A new interview will be posted next Wednesday.

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