Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Drumroll, Please... Why I Never Called Back After Wonderful Date

Most of you know that I have been posting interviews on the subject of men not calling women back after a wonderful first date. I can honestly say that I've contributed to this monstrosity. Ladies, before you go throwing tomatoes at me, let me explain.

When I was about 17 (young, fresh and stupid) I went out on a date with Charlene Brady. I thought she was the finest thing since sliced bread. Of course, I thought her to be miles and miles away from my social caste and decided that I wouldn't pursue her at first.

During our first encounters, we never spoke to one another. We would throw a polite smile at one another during school, but that's about it. Over time the word got out that I liked her and she found out, liked me and decided to ask ME out. The only problem was by the time she wanted to go out I was over the whole girly-made-up look and onto Kiesha Paine, who was more down to earth, showing natural beauty.

Be it me not to disappoint, I agreed to go out on the date so she wouldn't feel less attractive. We had the best time of our lives, it seemed. We laughed, talked, played and flirted from time to time. Out of habit, and natural friendliness, I told her I'd give her a call. When I got home, I realized that we were from totally different sides of the tracks. In school she would be miss high prissy face and I would remain the sexy, not-so-popular TJS (Terry J. Snipes). I never called back. Now, ladies what do you have to comment on? (I will brace myself)


mist1 said...

You are such a saint for going on that first date.

Is that what you wanted to hear?

Poetiq Expression said...

What can I say. I thought I would give it a try, seeing as how I did practically crush on her for the longest time. I realized (after some time) how often we all lie and never realize it.

Asia Wright said...

I believe everyone has gone through this. But one of those guys you interviewed as just a pig. Admit the wrong, don't try and cover it up through fancy wording.


Poetiq Expression said...

Asia, what are you talking about? The guy was trying to make himself look like a liar and I never covered that up once. Whatever he came across as, that's what he was. You know I never fluff my interviews. Shame on you... Bad, bad, bad, girl.