Sunday, October 15, 2006

E-mail Advice- "Not a homo"

Dear Snipes,

I understand that subjects of a gay matter are hard for you to respond to. If a person doesn't understand the gay lifestyle it's hard to comment on it, right? My boyfriend only calls me when it comes to nasty sex sessions. I am not fully into sex with another man yet. I don't know if I like that faggoty bullshit. My question is why are men only interested in sex? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



HOMO (sexual),

Your signature really disturbed me. I am one who believes that if you are what you are, except it. You writing down NOT A HOMO didn't make me respect you more or less. It made me feel as though you really are very homosexual and are struggling to admit to yourself. You've completely offended any other homosexual who might read this advice. They will feel like you deserted them.

As far as your question, I'd say that men wanting sex more than women is malarkey. This is an anonymous post I read a few weeks back and decided to save just in case a subject like this one popped up:

"I like to get laid like the rest of them, however, I am more likely to hook up with a girl than a guy - with a guy I generally look for more of a relationship first. It's kind of a whole penetration=access=intimacy=control thing. Security vs fear... so no, I get horny a lot, daily i will get aroused by the way I cross my legs, a little breeze up my skirt, an accidental brush in the hall past a really hot guy or girl I might have a crush on... you name it.

Daily, twice daily, sometimes more, and that doesn't count the two or three or more times a week I masturbate. Lots of women won't admit to it, because we're supposed to be some sort of perfect little fucking angels or something, but we like getting laid when the sex is good just as much as a guy likes getting laid when the sex is good."

The woman's identity cannot be disclosed, but it shows right there that at least one woman admits to thinking about sex constantly, and even masturbating regularly. HOMO, I believe it's a sexist stereotype that men desire sex more than women. Women desire sex just as much as men do. Most probably won't admit to it because of the thoughts society puts in their heads, like only demure women are real women. Truth be told, Adam didn't rape Eve. She wanted it as well. Most women have times of the month that stop them (if they are not nasty) from having sex. A woman could want to have sex very badly and if the guy's breath stinks, it could turn her off instantly. Men will put a brown paper bag over a women's head and imagine Eva Longoria in her place. So, when it comes to your sexual orientation, which we've established is, in fact, gay; I want you to understand that sex is not important, whether you are heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, transsexual, transgender or whatever! With the number of STDs running ramped and the AIDS epidemic wiping out whole countries, I think it's best to worry about life goals, love, monogamy and discovery of whatever God you serve. Until the next post, much love, peace, and empathy.

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Anonymous said...

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Poetiq Expression said...

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Terry Snipes

Anonymous said...

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