Monday, October 23, 2006

Is Pity Sometimes A Ploy for Self Worth?

Ladies and gentlemen, I must admit, for a period of time I couldn’t stop putting up those damned numbered post. You know what I’m talking about:

10 Ways to Get Rid of Crabs:

1. Stop having sex
2. Eat more spaghetti

You get where I’m going with this. I have not written a post that explained my opinions and, sometimes, sensitive feelings. Where does this post plan on taking my faithful and newcomer readers? I have not a damn clue. I just figured it was time for me to vent somewhat and give you love/relationship seekers a piece of me. A deep, dark, nasty piece of me… Wait, that sounds kinda porn-ish. Please, continue reading.

Today I thought about my ex. She was the first woman who I ever loved and I sometimes find it hard to forget about her. Don’t get it twisted, we broke up for a reason, that reason is justified and I have no regrets. Yet, I think about her all of the time. She has gone through a lot of BS with her baby’s daddy. I can’t get into what happened, but if she didn’t know how to fight before she met his ass, she does now.

My question (and you guys know I almost always ask a question in my posts) is: Does everyone think about their ex’s just once months after the relationship ties have been severed? And when your new “friend” is in the picture, do you think it would hurt them because you thought about your “old” friend? Well, ladies and gentlemen, I asked my new friend.

“C**, how would you feel if I told you that I’ve been thinking about “*e** lately?” My girl looked me in the face and said, “as long as you don’t kiss, screw or perform falettio on the bitch, I’m cool.” What a girl. Huh? I went on to tell her that it’s not a sexual or even romantic thinking I’m going through in regards to her (my ex), it’s a fear factor. My ex and I planned so many great things in our future and now it seems as if she has accomplished being a mother with ADD instead of a naïve teenager with ADD. Is it safe to say that I pity her sometimes? To me that seems as if I pity her because consciously I believe I’m doing better. STOP! Wait! HOLD UP! I never want to come across as cocky, arrogant, conceited or filled with vanity, but it seems like that’s what this situation is leading to.

End Question: How can you think about your ex with fear and sadness with out having pity on them? And if you do have pity on them, does that make you an assuming, GREATER THAN THOU prick?

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Anonymous said...

I think everyone thinks about their ex in one way or another. It might be in good ways and it might be in bad ways but it all depends on what ways that you think about you ex. I think that your question should spark a lot of interest and lot of conversation in people. I also love the site.

Velvet Jones said...

Yeah, various thoughts about Xs (yes, that's plural) pop into my head now and again for whatever reason at the time, but I don't talk about it with the guy I'm in a relationship with unless it's a safe or tame subject that I'm trying to make a point about in general. I wouldn't spend too much time thinking about an X, it only leads to a headache most of the time.

Poetiq Expression said...

We all go through ex's. The pain and bliss of Mr. or Miss Right is inevitable. But, as strong humans, we must press on.

*If you have any questions that are burning within you, a story to tell or advice to give, please e-mail me at . I look forward to hearing from you. Your e-mail may be published on!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I hate exs. Who doesn't?

Anonymous said...

I dont hate my ex. I loathe him

Anonymous said...


Poetiq Expression said...

Some people get on with their lives without worrying about the past. Other people can't get over their ex's because the ex might have been their first love. That is some hard shit to get over.


What do we do? Ex's. Can't live with 'em, feel slightly empty without 'em... Maybe not.