Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Why Men Don't Call Back After A Wonderful Date- Part 2

Why don’t men call women back after a "great" first date? Well, ladies and gentlemen, I feel as though I’m on to something new. During an afternoon meal (not quiet breakfast, not even brunch but I got my eat on) with a high school buddy of mine, I bumped into a couple of females who actually paid me, from time to time, for my dating advice back in high school.

One of the women looked me in the eyes, and instead of saying hi, she said, "This guy I was with last night never called me back. What the hell did I do wrong? It was a perfect date."

Unfortunately, I couldn't answer her question on the spot. Instead I referred her to my posts on and advised her to pay close attention to the answers given. I told her my plans of interviewing four different men who have, in some way, shape, or form blew a "perfect" possible relationship due to avoiding the follow-up phone call. Each man will be different, and in turn will give different answers as well as scarily similar answers.

Below, I have posted the second interview:

This young men is 26 years old with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. He works out religiously and makes time to call him mother at least 3 times a week and find out how she's doing. His name is Raymond Smith and some women might say, "He's a catch!"

Guru Reporter- How are you, Raymond?

Raymond Smith- Cool, man. I've been working like crazy. I don't understand why people go crazy over salary positions when they get worked to the bone and get the same pay.

GR- But you get a very nice pay. (laughs)

RS- I guess it depends on who's looking at my paychecks. And I'm proud to say, it's only me.

GR- Speaking of being proud of only you, are you afraid to have a woman in your life who'll ask about those things?

RS- Not really. I'm not afraid to show anything of mine. I've never really been afraid of women.

GR- So, why didn't you call females back after a wonderful date?

RS- (laughs) Okay, make me feel like the bad guy.

GR- I keeps it real here at LRL.

RS- It's not the fact that I'm afraid of women. I choose not to call them back because they don't interest me. It seems like they are only concerned with building a house, dog, kids and happy marriage.

GR- What's wrong with that?

RS- That's something that should be dealt with when the time approaches. Our relationship should lead into it. Let's say we are not supposed to be together forever. She'll get mad because we are not getting married and getting a condo in the Hamptons. (laughs)

GR- So, you're showing that men do have common sense when it comes to love, relationships and life. I'm happy to say that I'm not the only one.

RS- Because men don't rush to settle down doesn't mean they don't know what a relationship deals with.

GR- Is that why men cheat? They know how to be in a stable relationship, but they choose not to stay.

RS- Lot's of men don't care. If I want to sex up that girl I saw at Starbucks then I'm going to because I want to.

GR- That's screwed up. That is such a selfish way of thinking.

RS- Women do it all the time, they just don't do it as boldly as men.

GR- So, what things turn you off about a woman to make you not call them back, besides them planning for forever?

RS- I can tell when a woman is being fake. I can tell when she is trying to be coy, when she is being slightly stuck-up. I can tell these things. Women act as if men are always lying, but women have lots of skeletons in the closet.

GR- They have graveyards, huh? (laughs)

RS- Yes, Tee. I can't take a woman giving me seven different sides of her in ONE NIGHT! Come on, now. Maybe if she gives me these different view points within a month, maybe. But that seems kinda' bi-polar to me and that scares me as well as turns me off.

GR- But why not tell her this after the date is up? Why tell her that you'll call her?

RS- Men have second thoughts like women do. At first I think to myself, yeah, I'll try and work this out. Then as I get closer to home I think about how she told me she was too classy and ate shrimps and lopsters. When we get to the restaurant she eats like she hasn't eaten in years. Then she has the audacity to mistakenly admit, "I haven't had lobster/shrimp in years."

GR- Thanks for the interview, Raymond. This was a very enlightening interview.

RS- I hope we schooled the females a little on what men do and how we feel. We all aren't dogs.

GR- Amen for that.

I would like to thank Raymond for participating in this interview. He was a very good sport. I eagerly await the answers I'll receive from the other men. A new interview will be posted ever Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

That was wonderful. I never knew men felt this way. It seems so crazy that because we'd like to secure a future that isn't filled with heartbreak men get scared and think we are trying to HOLD THEM DOWN. whatever!