Thursday, October 12, 2006

My Damn Everything

You smile and penetrate my retinas with browns, silvers, gold's and bronzes
Then, I open my eyes
Through those windows my soul is touched

You are light and life
You are a fiery auburn on a fall evening

You touch me and my heart stops beating
I've died in your arms momentarily
In your gates I am safe

You are the fire in my soul
You are the cool breeze on a sunny summer afternoon

You speak to me and sing melodies of empathy, benevolence and honesty
Forever escapes your cadence
Through your music I live

You are the wind that carries my dreams asunder
You are the soft touch of snow sinking to a bed of flakes in winter

I smell your scent, undefined by any mere mortal
A sweet yet spicy smell like lavender on top of Irish Spring Soap
Through you smell I dream

You are the eyes in which I vicariously see
You are the growth of my spirit like flowers in the spring

Its seems as though you're my everything...

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