Thursday, October 12, 2006

15 Tips For A Date... Men, This One's For You

This post is for the men, as requested. Ladies, never hesitate to listen in. In fact, I encourage you to do so.


Once that crush of yours finally agrees to be seen out in public with you, it might be left all up to you to arrange when and where to go for your date. Try applying these tips and make yourself look calm and cool (really, inside you are overly prepared and nervous...but we wouldn't want you to mention that, would we?).

1. Don't wait too long to have the date. Waiting to be fit into her schedule will have your ass more anxious, and impatient than you already are. I suggest having the date no more than 3 days after you've asked her.

2. Decide on a relaxed venue that most people will like which is adaptable to the situation. You don't want a place too fun that you guys don't pay attention to each other. Yet you don't want a spot that is so void of anything to do that you both feel uncomfortable.

3. Ensure the location is in an easy to reach location for all kinds of transport and is one that is especially convenient for the lady on this first occasion.

4. Lunchtime, I believe, is the best time to have a first date. At dinner time, things might seem rushed, especially if the date stretches beyond her sleeping time.

5. You don't want to be overly complex or formal on the first freakin' date. Allow things to flow so that the occasion doesn't get too out of hand the first time around. Being prepared beforehand is the greatest way to avoid concentrating on the food and why her shoes look to small and her feet look so big. You want to focus on HER.

6. Ensure you put effort into your style, dress and presentation and make an effort. Informality does not mean scruffy.

7. Leave your apartment clean and tidy and presentable because you really never know what may happen later. You never know, this may be the start of something incredible so be prepared. Though I am somewhat "old school." I believe that you should be prepared in case she wants a quick romp in the bed.

8. Don't try and impress by wealth. Selecting the most exclusive restaurant and insisting on flashing a Platinum credit card doesn't show you in the best light. Trust me, gentlemen, women can and WILL look past that after so many times (within that night).

9. By the end of the first bottle of wine you may end up smashed so keep things steady in advance. Please, don't call yourself getting a little boozed up to calm your nerves before the date.

10. Don't forget who you are dating. I'm not telling you to study everything the woman said over the phone beforehand, but do look up on Celine Dion if she said she likes that particular singer. You might not like her yourself, but at least you can say, "the woman who sung that Titanic song? Of yeah, she did a 3 year performance in Vegas, right? Yeah, yeah... I don't like her."

11. Give yourself time before arriving for your date. Make sure you have enough time to prepare yourself and get yourself into the right frame of mind if you need to. The worse thing for a man to do is be late. Trust me, I've had this problem plenty of times. If you arrive later than your date (some arrive a few minutes later on purpose) she will throw you a look like, "I'm the fashionably late queen. You ass should be the anxiously waiting dude."

12. Be organized. Remember your wallet and know where you are meeting. Struggling with directions in the rain will do nothing to assist the occasion. Trust me.

13. Did I say this before. Oh, wait, let me announce it again: Don't be late !

14. Don't ring your date consistently after the date is over. If she doesn't pick up the phone right away, assume she had things to do before she decided to call you.

15. The most important one of all. If you are interested in the woman, please, call her back WHEN YOU SAY YOU ARE!

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