Monday, November 06, 2006

Creativity. Where Did It Go?

I have the worst writer's block you could think of. I had 5 articles to pump out this weekend and when I finally approached the final article, my brain went blank. It's like all thought, creativity and drive flew the co-op or something. Where did it all go?

As I sit here typing away, I ask myself, "Why didn't you take a pee when you were at the house?" I say this because I'm doing the pee-pee dance on a stoll at the university library. Yes, how pathetic. I'm doing the pee-pee dance with an empty brain and balled up words, metaphors, prose, verbs, nouns, adjectives and may other writer's tools wanting to be used, but unfortunately are not being used (what a long ass sentence?).


That's the key to keeping any good "thing" strong and prosperous. How many people do you know give up on an idea or an individual because they got bored all of a sudden? Wouldn't it be easier to find a way to bring passion back into the relationship? I'm like, if you're bored with ballet dancing, take up break dancing; If you hate writing poems, write a short story; and if you're bored with your mate, find a way to bring back the romance that sparked the flame in your belly and made you fall in love in the first place (another long ass sentence, huh?).


I do need to find it.

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Anonymous said...

Creativity is an odd creature, but I think it's always there...just lying dormant sometimes. The trick that usually works for me is to look at and think about someone or something that I love. Then creativity rears its lovely head and the words start flowing again.

I like long-ass sentences, by the way.

mist1 said...

I don't think that you can find creativity. I think it has to find you. You can encourage it, but you have to wait for it.

Also, wine helps.

Poetiq Expression said...

It is a crazy concept. When a writer has a deadline, how does he/she meet it without pumping out bullshit? If the creativity isn't there, then the life isn't there.

My editor informed me that they pushed my deadline to Monday of next week. Now I can stop stressing. LOL

Crank said...

A lot of people are not creative. They just steal from others. It's nice to know you'd rather have nothing than something stolen. Shows good morals in my opinion.

Poetiq Expression said...

Well that's true, but as long as a true creative person continues to create, they shouldn't have too much of a problem with thieves... I guess they wouldn't.