Friday, November 10, 2006

Which Came First: Money or Sex

I wrote on a previous blog about splogging and, somehow the comments lead down a path of logic which states: Money is the root of all evil. Later that transformed into: Pussy and Money are the causes of death, greed, theft, lies and war.

The women who spoke on this topic agreed that each one is tied into another. For example, a man will go out on a strip in search of some poon-tang. The prostitute is looking for money in exchange for sex while the guy is looking for sex in exchange for money. There isn’t one thing that solely fuels this behavior; it’s all multiple conduits to a guilty pleasure or “sin.”

Which came first, the pussy or the money? History tells us (from a Christian background) that Eve first shared a fruit from the tree of life with Adam. After they shared this “fruit”- to my knowledge- they started banging and screwing like rabbits on Viagra. No one fully knows what the fruit was, but I believe it was a metaphor for knowledge of life, sex, and sin. We are all sinners, the Bible tells us, but at that point Adam and Eve didn’t know they were sinners, correct? So, how could Eve seek knowledge of something she had no clue existed unless she was searching for it?

This leads us down many paths towards many subjects, many arguments and many conclusions, but the main question is: Could money exist without sex, and could sex exist without money (money being a symbolism for any materialistic want or need)? Get back to me on this with a comment or e-mail.

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