Thursday, November 09, 2006

E-Mail Advice/Opinion- "Kissing/Sex"


I assume that by putting the word sex in the subject of this email, that you will either 1.) turn out the lights and read it in private, or 2.) mark it as spam.

Assuming that it's the former...

A friend and I were talking about kissing and sex the other night. I wish that I could say that were were kissing and having sex, but I am inexperienced with women and didn't know how to make the first move...I digress.

The topic of conversation was which is worse...bad kissing or bad sex?

We disagreed.

The following arguments will be presented without names as I am sure that you will favor me unfairly. Wouldn't you? That's what I thought. Okay, then.

Arguement 1: Bad kissing is worse.
Support: Kissing can occur at any time. It is spontaneous and generally acceptable in public. Kissing is more important because there is more opportunity for kissing to occur. Kissing is romantic. Kisses speak volumes about feelings. Kissing is the way we romantically/sexually connect with people.

Arguement 2: Bad sex is worse.
Support: Bad sex is a waste of time. Sex is essential, while kissing is just obligatory or used as a social greeting/farewell. Bad sex leaves all parties uncomfortable and sweaty as opposed to just uncomfortable as in bad kissing and sweaty is bad. Bad kissing has no excuse, but bad sex can be made up for with gifts such as shoes and such.

Again, I want you to remain impartial. But, I need to know that I am right here.

Thanks for your help.

By the way, what are your credentials anyway?


Mist 1


Mist 1,

I love a well thought-out argument on the subject of sex. This topic lends a hand to so many intended puns, jokes, remarks, and humorous events. Yet, when it comes to the subject of which is worst: bad kissing or bad sex? I'd say that my choice would be bad sex.


The reason why I choose bad sex is because, like you said, kissing can be spontaneously done in public. A man kisses a girl horribly, he can assess the situation, gather up his balls and try again. In the event you have a man who can only pump one out and he's finished, well, you have to try some other time.

You ever notice how a bad kiss can still lead to another date, which could, in fact, be a great date? But have bad sex and the situation becomes awkward. Plus sex leads to all types of uncontrolled emotions. Two friends can kiss and the fire still burns, if it's a great kiss. Two friends can have sex- bad sex at that- and it leads them to feel way too open and vulnerable. They feel like it was a mistake and they could have jeopardized the friendship because of succumbing to lust.


In the end, I'd choose a bad kiss over a bad fu*k any day. We can salvage a friendship after a kiss. But after a sexual encounter gone awry, that's risky busy. Bad sex can cause a relationship to sink like a boat filled with seamen... no pun intended, of course.


I've been blogging for about two years. This was the only time I decided to get paid for it. LOL. I also write for a local newspaper. I write about love, relationships, spirituality and religion. I am trying to convince those guys that my own column would be the best thing since sliced bread. But readers are happy with what I shit out now. So I say, "If it aint broke, don't fix it." How do you feel about it? I also went to an arts-based high-school with a focus on analysis, small studies in psychology and I'm a natural-born philosopher. Went to college to take Music Business Managment- far from these subjects, huh? Realized writing and relationship issues are my joy and decided to take Journalism and Creative Writing in college. I learn as much as possible about relationship issues, sex and dating. I've seen a lot and share a lot. But most importantly, I love to receive information as well.

P.S. I love your blog. I read it religiously now. You have inspired me to become way more opinionated with my writing. Thanks for blessing my page with your thoughts (I'm glad someone is. LOL).

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mist1 said...

I knew you'd see my side on this one.

I didn't expect your real credentials. You are so unlike me. I would have made stuff up.

Thanks for loving my blog. I love that thing too. You all make my days.

I'm inspirational? I will remember that for as long as I can.

Poetiq Expression said...

Well, you asked for 'em (credentials). LOL

Anonymous said...

I would also choose bad kissing over bad sex with a friend. Bad sex is awful. I know from personal experience. hehe

Poetiq Expression said...

You do, huh? I think we all know from experience. LOL! Join the club.