Thursday, November 16, 2006

E-mail Advice- "I'm anal repellant"

Dear Poetiq,

My boyfriend just told me that he wants to have sex with me up the anus. I don’t like that type of sex because it hurts. He threatened me and said that he wouldn’t want to cheat on me. What is that? Am I supposed to loose the men I love or have totally unpleasurable pain because he wants to screw me like some Tits and Cocks porno star?

Anal Repellant



LOL. I had to laugh for about ten minutes at this email. Don’t get my laughter confused with me not thinking your situation is important. This is where the saying goes: “What you’re not fulfilling, another woman is willing.” Is it not your job to please your mate? Conversely, I’d hate for you to be in pain because that is what he likes. If it is a pain that can be lived through momentarily, then yes, go for it. But if you convulse with sobs every time you and your boyfriend perform this act, then I’m sorry to say, you have to let it go.

Attraction is very important in a relationship and I could not blame him for wanted to be aroused in a certain way. This is nature of men- and all human, for that matter. You have to make a choice, Anal Repellant. You must decide on staying in pain, or leaving. The choice is all yours. But in making that choice, talk to him and ask him if your relationship is reduced to anal intercourse.

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mist1 said...

I would ask him for a pair of Pradas. If he declined, I would tell him that I might have to cheat on him with a man that is willing to cough up the Prada money.

Poetiq Expression said...

I know, right. It seems so sad that their relationship is based solely on him putting his salami in her meat packing district...