Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I Starve for You, My Queen

Straightaway, I starved.
Depraved of nourishment to supplement this temple.

My justification for starvation was clearly sour grapes.
I pretend to need a diet
And wash myself clean of slovenly, spotted spirits
When you are my reason.

You are my reason
For starvation.

My last two ducats lay flat in palm,
And instead of buying food to feed the hunger in my stomach
They provided a train ride to feed the rumble in my heart.

What can I say, my gentle Queen?
You feed me more.

This is a poem I felt almost compelled to write. When does love for a person, career, hobby or item become so strong that an individual will sacrifice the very things they need to live just to utilize, use or see what they have so much passion about? When does it become so strong that a person will starve, physically because they feel like they’re fed more emotionally? I think it’s a deep as theory, question or debate. I’ve gone through this before. Have you?


Gregg said...

That's deep. Check out my peoms at www.writing.com/gregg

Poetiq Expression said...

I am very interested in reading your poems. But I went to the link and nothing was there. Try resending it, please. Thanks for reading the poem.

You could also send you poems to lrl.advice@hotmail.com if you would like them to be published.


Terry J. Snipes