Saturday, September 09, 2006

I Almost Posed Nude. Yet, It Made Me Love Myself More

Yes, the title is true. I did go to a studio in order to participate in a nude painting. The beautiful news is: They only painted from my waist upward. This means the whole world would get a chance to see my ball smack and boogina.

When I first arrived to the studio, the couple (a very attractive woman and a weird man) asked me to disrobe. So, I did disrobe, like a snail. I took almost 15 minutes to get my shirt, pants, shoes and underwear off. I felt like that girl did at the end of the movie FAME (for anyone who remembers that movie).

They asked me to lay on my back on top of the pedestal. Then the woman took one foot while the man took the other and they hoisted my knees towards my chest.

"Pretty," the woman said with a smile.

"The optimum feature are the lips, while the ass hole is nonpareil I believe we should focus on the face."

I'm thinking, who uses words like optimum and nonpareil in everyday sentences?

When I was told, I quickly put my pants on, feeling like I was violated. They asked me if I felt uncomfortable and if I felt like I wouldn't want my shirt to be off.

I look at 'em and say, "HELL, You just saw all my goods, I think a missing shirt wont be too bad!"

They painted two portraits of me today. Once was an enlarged portrait of my face and the other was a small portrait of my face and upper torso. They (the paintings) came out pretty good. I was just excited that my ass and balls wouldn't be hanging in some gallery with all my friends walking past like, "now I know what he's packing."

I can't exclude the other comments I received:

You are a tiny man with a large dick!

You have a very nice ass. Such a small waist with a big round ass.

Very nice features.

We love the chin! Yes, we love Terry's chin.

Shut up, you handsome whore!

Well, that's the information for today. I have created a moment like the one from Titanic, except there was no sexing going down. Until the next post, much love, peace and empathy.


Anonymous said...

This was an awesome post. But change that picture! I almost messed myself with pleasure. :)

Horny Toad

Sara said...

I wouldn't mind posing for a nude picture. As long as they didn't show my face I wouldn't give a damn.

Poetiq Expression said...

Well, I felt like I needed to do that to prove to myself that I was not ashamed of ME. I wouldn't suggest just anybody do this. And I didn't do it for the compliments. I did it to immortalize myself in history through paint and canvas.

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