Friday, September 15, 2006

E-mail Advice- "My man dont like my blow job"

Today's E-mail advice might blow you away just as hard as the question blew me away. I couldn't believe someone would ask me this. Not because I don't know about it or look down on people who do it, but because I never thought someone would ask me a question about any sexual intercourse, fellatio or four-play activity, especially someone so young. Below is the young woman's question:

Wazzup Poetiq Exprezzion,

This is Cassie. I am so -n- luv with this guy who I go to school with. The only problem is hes a senior and I am a freshman. I gave him a rim job two months ago while we were at this tennis game. His younger sister was playing and shes in my grade. After I sucked him off he wanted us to have sex. I'm not ready. What should I do?

Cassie, Cassie, Cassie,

What in the world do you mean you're giving blow jobs at the age of freshman! Have teens made third base first place and anything after is some freaky ass stuff?! I feel very responsible for giving you the proper advice in your situation. I don't feel the need to remain cool or down-to-earth. I'm going to tell it like it is:

Don't you ever do anything else sexual with him again! What happened to young females crushing on someone? Where's the fun in dreaming about being with a guy? Do you realize the large amount of teen pregnancies happening. Are your trying to go that route and end up pregnant at the age of 15? That means when you're 25 your kid would be 10 years old! When you're 35 your child'll be freakin' 20! Take your time. I don't mean to sound like the un-cool young guy, but focus on your studies. I'm serious, Cassie. Lots of people grow up too fast, lacking responsibility and regret a lot of the things they've done. This guy doesn't love you, he just wants to sex you. And if you just want sex, please reevaluate that shit! AIDS and other STDs are running rapid. Would you really want to die at the age of 24 because you couldn't keep your panties up?

Sex comes with responsibilities that you don't possess yet. While you might be an intelligent and wonderful young woman, you are not an adult. So, I'll tell this advice to you like you are a mature adult:

Pop the penis out ya' mouth and go to school.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe she asked that? What in the world is wrong with those kids? She needed her tongue to be washed out with soap. That's how our parents did us back in the old days. This is the reason why women are getting pregnant at the age of 10,11, and 12. You did the right thing and you told her what needs to be done as opposed to what's supposed to be cool. I thinks its uncool to have sex at that early of an age.