Monday, September 11, 2006

E-mail Advice- "How Do Gays Date?"

When thinking of a new and interesting topic to post on my blog I had to reevaluate what I'd talked about and subjects that I had not touched on remotely. Then someone wrote me the most interesting e-mail I could ever receive.

Dear Terry,

What happens to people who are gay or lesbian? What type of advice can you give to them? Are we to just be thrown to the way-side when it comes to the dating life?

To this comment, I first laughed. How in the world am I to comment on the homosexual lifestyle when I don't live it. That would be like a white Jewish guy posting a blog on the hassles of the African American dating life. Would you remotely believe the shit? I don't think so. Yet, I do have associate friends who are homosexuals and I asked them a few questions. The female whom I asked... Let's call her Fellatio of the Vagina. And let's call the guy Anal Magnetism.

How Would You Describe Being Gay?

Anal Magnetism:
I wouldn't go as far as to say we feel any different then a heterosexual guy. We just have an attraction to the same sex. I find it rather natural. Something I'd like to clear up is: Just because a guy is gay doesn't mean he is going to try and screw any dude that comes his way. Just because you have a penis does not mean we want to get in between your legs.

Fellatio of the Vagina:
I can't speak for every other female in the world because I have not spoken or am other females. I know how I feel about being with other females. I love the intimacy that comes along with it. Sex is passionate and caring. Two woman in a relationship equal a calm balance. Sometimes you'll get a more masculine woman and a feminine woman together that seem almost like a regular heterosexual couple. But I feel safe with another woman.

When it comes to homosexual relationships, is it mainly based on sex?
Anal Magnetism:
Absolutely not. They first guy I had a major crush on did not have the most attractive body. In fact, he was kinda chubby. Yet, he had a beautiful heart, mind, spirit and face. Of course, men have more of a sex drive then woman, but don't think because you're in a gay relationship you're getting some every night. You'd be rudely slapped awake.

Fellatio of the Vagina:
Sex is a major part of any relationship. I never put more emphasis on sex then anything else. A relationship needs communication, compromise, sex, and romance.

I thank my two friends for sharing this information and I kept their identity secret for obvious reasons. Maybe I'll be able to get an audio interview from them both in the future. What are your opinions. Leave a comment and let us all know.


Anonymous said...

Good post. Even though you couldn't speak from a homosexual's point of view, you went to someone who could and posted it. A true journalistic trait. Great site.

Poetiq Expression said...

Thanks for the wonderful words. I might not know about a subject, but feel it's ignorant to throw away a learning experience.

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