Thursday, December 14, 2006

Too Much Damn Love

Too Much Love

Some people find it rather annoying to be hugged up with their loved one too often. Most people would rather their mates didn’t say the words “I love you,” too often, hug them too often, or kiss each other too often. It almost seems like they only want the physical connection of sex.

Now, for all of you who feel it rather stupid to be openly affectionate with your mate, I suggest you tone that BS down a tad bit. I’m saying over-do it, I’m saying that you should open up a little more. What would happen if your mate died, or you died and the last words you said to them was, “I have to shit,” or something? Then what?


Try telling your mate you love them every time that you are not going to see them for longer than a three hour time span. Again, lots of people feel like this action is going too far, but if would be nice to have your last words be, “I love you,” instead of, “I’ve got to shit.”

When you get the chance, hug and kiss your mate and validate their beauty or worth. Trust me, both you and your mate will appreciate it in the long run…

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mist1 said...

I set a time limit. For instance, I say, "I'll sit in your lap for 10 minutes. Then let's get some drinks." For some reason, this is endearing.