Friday, December 08, 2006

Americans Are Spoiled Like Two Month Old Milk

Have you ever realized how spoiled Americans are? Get closer to us... Really! We smell like two month old spoiled milk that was just squirted out the ass of a Walrus. We always seem to want our cake and eat it to. When it comes to a monogamous relationship, why do people find it so hard to stay with the same person longer than 6 months?

Americans will live in Atlanta, move to California and stay there for eight years. After a while, they’re ready to move somewhere else because they’re bored with the city. They say they’ve done everything there is to do in that city.

So is it safe to say that Americans are never satisfied? And after having our cake and eating it for so long, do we not only want the cake, but we also seek the ice-cream, milk, balloons and party favors as well?

This question was pounding my brain repeatedly. I never understood why we (humans) get so bored so quickly with things before we try and make the situation better. We found it so easy to give up then try because there is always something new and shinny around the corner. We tend to stop appreciating the things that we have.

Hmmm. Something very interesting to think about.

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1 comment:

mist1 said...

Spoiled? Is it spoiled that I want what I want when I want it?

I didn't think so.

Honestly, I understand that I am ridiculously privileged.