Saturday, December 16, 2006

E-mail Advice- "He wont apologize"

Dear Expression,

I broke up with my boyfriend to test whether he would make up with me and apologize for staring at this one woman at this benefit we went to. The only problem is he has not called me in four days and I feel he might have moved on. What can I do to get him to call me and apologize.

Pissed off woman


Dear Pissed Off Woman,

It is extremely insane for you to believe that your boyfriend- not husband- will apologize to you because he stared at a woman during a benefit show. I understand that some couples are a tad jealous- Hell, I am very over protective of my girlfriend- but he didn’t have sex with this woman (as far as you know, but that could be the case with any woman he looks or any man you look at).

If I were he, I wouldn’t apologize to you either. And if you broke up with him because of something so silly and unimportant, maybe you two shouldn’t be together. You should be with someone who feels like he is prison. I don’t condone cheating what so ever, but I’d rather my girl looked at another man rather than tried to screw him. Be happy that he is just looking and not touching. If you want him back, call him up and tell him you’re sorry. If your pride is too strong to do that then start looking for another man.

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