Monday, April 30, 2007

Does My Immortal Soul Have A Price Tag?

I was interested in gathering more information about the Kabbalah. I wanted to understand some of the teaching that Jesus Christ (or Yashua) followed and believed.

I conducted a Google! search and put in the true name of God, Yahweh, the English reading of יהוה (the Tetragrammaton), the name of the God of the Jews or the people of Israel.

I stumbled across a website called It seemed so filled with wisdom and hope. I was taken by the promise to show people the way of the kabbalist.

When I called their 1-800 number, a man answered by the name of Moshe. He kept asking me if there were things in my life that I wanted to have changed. I told him that I wanted more of a spiritual connection with God.

“Do you wish to have a certain job, or do you wish to make more money?” he asked me. I thought to myself, WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH HIM? I just told him that I am content with where I’m at as long as I know where I’m going. I wanted more spiritual guidance.

Then he goes on to tell me that I need to purchase their Zohar, which is $490 dollars, or something in the $400 dollar price range. He tells me I need to purchase another book, which is $199, plus shipping and handling on both the books would come up to $40 bucks…


Did they honestly expect me to pay that much? I guess, some practices require a lot of money, but any spiritual guidance or practice that costs me over $600 dollars can wait.

These spiritualists say, “There should be no price tag on your immortal soul.” I say, “BULLSHIT!” If I could afford a $600 dollar book I’d probably spend that money to make my own spiritual course, and promise people the same things these phony psychics promise: love, relationships, and money.

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