Thursday, March 08, 2007

Jealousy: The Green Eyed Monster

We've all seen the Green Eyed Monster. This, my friends, is jealousy. While it seems to be the thorn in everyone's side, could it be that jealousy is a sign of major love?


What is jealousy?


Jealousy comes across immediately as aggressiveness, self-doubt, and fear. And in actuality, that's what it is. Some people give expression to jealousy, pursuing their lovers with accusations and turning their lover's life into hell. But an even more difficult situation is when a person who is jealous keeps his or her feeling hidden, letting the torture reside inside. In this case, jealousy becomes more dangerous because the person doesn't have anyway to get it out. It's kinda like when you're constipated and it just kills you keeping it inside.


Is there any way you can cope with this feeling?


The best thing to do in regards to jealousy is to realize:

If your mate does not want to be with you they'll find a way to cheat or leave you.

I don't care how much to run around in a cheap Lil' Kim wig, large sunglasses and trench coat, trying to hide your identity while you spy, he's going to cheat. The thing that's left up to the jealous asshole is ending the relationship on a happy note.

Constantly accusing your mate of cheating will not make them want to stay with you. If you find out they've been cheating, confront it and move on. People need to stop thinking that they can't live without an individual. Trust me, you can.

I've been burned a many times by cheaters, and I've realized that once you see the signs, confront it, if it's proven, move on. Neither one of you has the time to constantly be jealous and wonder where your mate is 24/7, and if you do you really need to get a LIFE.

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