Saturday, January 13, 2007

So Many Damn Rules When It Comes To Dating

What’s up with these dating rules? There are so many rules that come along with a damn date that it all becomes ridiculous. Remember when a date used to be fun? Of course, we’ve all had our share of bad dates. You met a guy who looks great, is tall, handsome, mature and focused… Well that’s how it appears, because this guy actually sells socks online and only makes about $5.00 a week. God forbid you live in an expensive city like New York. How the hell is this type of guy paying his rent?

Ladies, you’re not excluded. You’ll meet a guy and have on a $200 dollar purse, and less than $10 dollars to put inside of it, yet you’re screaming that a man has to make money and BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. In my experience, it’s a couple’s job- if the relationship ever gets to marriage- to work as a team. Some men still follow the barbaric, “I Work, You Clean” tradition, but that was when women didn’t have as many career choices as men did. Now that women are becoming more doctors, lawyers and POSSIBLE FUTURE PRESIDENTS, do you think I’ll spend $100 dollars on a meal each time I go out on a date and this woman is probably counting more Benjamin Franklins than I am?

Now don’t get me confused with a guy who wants to be supported by a woman. For the sake of romance, I’d pay for the first date, and maybe the second. But if thoughts pop up into our heads about having a relationship, I want her to pull out her pocket book. You want to know why? Because I need to start finding out if we’re financially compatible. If we fall on hard times, can we pull together as a team and work through it? But that’s going way further than the first date, isn’t it?

The truth of the matter is: there are rules that must be obeyed. But at the same time, you were asked to go out on a date because you are a human being, not a robot. And this is real life, not an exam- well I guess it is slightly an exam. But I’d hate for a female to give me an image of a perfect gal and it’s false. She’d tell me, a week later, “Oh, I really am a homicidal maniac. I just wanted to pass the first date exam.”

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