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Lesson On Building Blog Readers and Clients for Businesses

Success As many of you know, especially from my last post, I am a God fearing man. I believe that as followers of Christ we should always put God first in everything that we acquire to achieve. I don’t mean to come off preachy, but when God says there’s something for me to share, I know it will not only benefit my readers, it will also benefit me spiritually. I know, as well, that it’ll benefit my blog’s growth in readership.

I know many of you are scratching your heads, wondering what the hell the title of the post means, and I’m more than happy to tell you.

The other day, inspired by a gut feeling, I opened my bible directly to 2 Chronicles Verse 10, Chapter 7 and read:

“They said, ‘If you will be a servant to this people, be considerate of their needs and respond with compassion, work things out with them, they'll end up doing anything for you.’”

The Post

This is very much the case with your blogs and websites. This is the case in regards to your business and family relationships. It’s also the case if you’re a business owner and you have fickle customers and clients.

The scripture said, “…be considerate of their needs.” This means providing your readers or customers with products or prose that suit their educational or financial growth.

1. Blog Example

People are slightly filtering through your blog, but no one is staying and clicking through it. By writing posts that teach, inspire, or entertain them, you keep them coming back. Ask them what type of information they’d like to know about (What things would my Trew Life readers like me to focus more on?).

2. Business Example

You have a few clients, but nothing special. You have been trying to figure out a way to receive more business, then you learn to ask your clients what they feel is lacking from the industry. Whatever it is they want, you should try and supply it, within the confines of your industry. Unless, of course, you’re thinking out of the box, and come up with something awesome that beautifully merges together two different genres or industries. TL

The middle half of the scripture says, “…respond with compassion.” In order to respond with compassion, you have to have a strong desire in your heart to alleviate any stress that the reader or client has due to their ignorance of your helpful prose (blog or website) or products (business). Anyone who is successful will tell you that you have to embody passion for what you do. The bible gives us Business 101!

The last part of the passage concludes, “…work things out with them, they'll end up doing anything for you."

3. Work Things Out

Of course, work things out with them means to work out an arrangement where you can offer your service (whether it be inspiration blog posts about financial gain, spiritual enlightenment, or baking a cake) in a way that satisfies your readers or clients, as well as yourself.

4. The Rewards

If the above suggestions are put into practice, your readers or clients will end up doing anything for you, and this could stretch miles with imagination.

Trew Words

Suppose you wrote a book, and because you’ve been so good at providing relevant informational posts on your blog, about 1/3 of your readers buys that book. You see where I’m going here? Or if you make sure you send a client a card thanking him/her for their business, when they are able to provide you with something, they will give it to you without restraint.

But anyone who is kind hearted can tell you that you shouldn’t be a prick towards people. That won’t keep them coming back. They won’t appreciate you, and your business or opinion won’t be worth the dirt they walk on. Like I said earlier, they can be very fickle.

I’m elated that God was able to direct me to that passage, and I could give you a few tips on making your product (prose, service, or physical product) stand out. Take this as vital information. Feel free to read to passage for yourself, and do some studyingby clicking on this link: 2 Chronicles 10:7

This message has been brought to you prophetically through Trew Life over at Trew Life Advice.

I’d love to hear your response on the topic, so mEet Me iN tHe ComMeNts section, and we can chop it up.

Until the next post, my inspirational readers, much love, peace, and medicated hair grease.

P.S. (Post Script) After dissecting the passage (2 Chronicles 10:7) I decided to read more of the story, and found out that lots of the people were beseeching King Rehoboam to go easy on them with the rules and punishments. Rehoboam was a king of the ancient Kingdom of Judah, succeeding his father Solomon. His grandfather was David. He was the third king of the House of David and the first of the Kingdom of Judah. His name means he who enlarges the people.

So Rehoboam went to his elders and asked their opinions of how he should respond to the people. The scripture (2 Chronicles 10:7) was the elder’s response.

- Trew Life

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